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New functionality for US Separate Accounts


Boston, March 9th, 2017. ComnServ, Inc. has announced the release of new functionality to enable SAP-Financial Asset Management (FAM) to handle the accounting and operational requirements for US Separate Accounts. ComnServ is the joint venture created by COMPIRICUS Inc. and ConVista Consulting Corporation to market, implement and support the SAP FAM Investment Accounting application.

“Our newly released SAP-FAM functionality allows clients to process both NAV (Net Asset Value) and NUV (Net Unit Value)”, quotes Scott Ferrante Co-CEO of ComnServ. “This, in addition to SAP FAM’s proven NAIC Reporting model, allows for the handling of these accounts with one system where many competitor solutions require the use of multiple systems and/or manual spreadsheets to meet the same objective.”

Jörg Pappert, Co-CEO of ComnServ states, “We have coupled SAP-FAM’s robust NAIC capabilities with our NAV module used for complex European fund structures to create an operationally efficient, reduced risk process to handle US Separate Accounts requirements.”

COMNSERV uses for their Cloud Services the SAP based NAIC reporting FS-SR-US which helps to create the quarterly and annual reporting for your investments. The software converts all of your company financial investments into the NAIC required formats and provides inbound and outbound interfaces.

The reporting solution is integrated in the software architecture of SAP’s Financial Asset Management application (FAM) and in the SAP support process via service market place. 

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