More than just exciting projects.

We offer the following benefits, designed to provide our people with a supportive work/life balance:

We are one team

  • Strong cohesion
  • Willingness to help
  • Award-winning feedback culture
  • Collaboration at eye level
  • Flat hierarchies

You get supported individually

  • Own academy for training and development
  • Onboarding and mentoring programme
  • Varied tasks and responsibilities
  • Exciting projects with well-known clients

Your life remains in balance

  • Flexible and mobile working (partly even in other European countries)
  • Trust-based working time and leave
  • Self-determination and responsibility
  • Family-friendly working environment (care for small children in Cologne)

An excellent working atmosphere

  • Open and collegial interaction
  • Close contact with leaders / management
  • Above-average company affiliation
  • Long-term customer relationships

We like to celebrate

  • Annual Summer Event lasting several days
  • Big carnival party on a Rhine steamboat
  • Regular sundowners
  • Team events
  • Christmas parties

With us you get more

  • Sports offer and discounts for studios
  • Private accident insurance
  • International health insurance
  • Company pension scheme
  • Job bike or e-car as company car

There’s a thousand good reasons why you should start with us.

Our top ten:
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You are very welcome 

We only employ experts - and those who want to become experts. This does not mean that you have to be perfect. We value unconventional people, as they make our teams more balanced.

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You have responsibility - and our trust.

We are convinced that responsibility promotes a passion for the job. Right from the start, we help you to develop the confidence to take responsibility for your own tasks.

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We are a team - and you can be part of it

We are friendly and treat each other with respect and kindness, helping each other whenever we can.  Whether you are an IT consultant, software developer or project manager – were are keen to get to know you and interested to find out who you are. To make your first year at ConVista go more smoothly a mentor will be assigned to you, to help with anything you may need.

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You can count on us!

We like to foster long-term relationships; our employees stay with us much longer than the industry average. We offer job security and a fair salary and our employees’ feedback shows that they feel appreciated and that their achievements are recognized by management.

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We work with the best

We work with companies who are at the top of their industry and in order to serve our customers well, we demand that we, ourselves, are at the top of our industry. To achieve this goal we drive innovation from the top, which in turn guarantees you will gain valuable experience, being part of an exciting and dynamic culture.

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You will receive one-to-one support

You will grow both personally and professionally during your time at ConVista. Your manager will get together with you on a regular basis to discuss your perspectives. During these sessions you will have the opportunity to influence your journey with us and we will make sure that you are given the flexibility and space to balance your personal and professional aspirations.

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You benefit from the knowledge of your colleagues

We share our knowledge and experience with you - openly and unbureaucratically, not only in the project, but also in various general meetings and team meetings. In addition, you can choose from more than 130 different training courses in which not only external trainers but also experienced colleagues pass on their knowledge.

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It doesn't get boring with us

With us, one day is rarely the same as another. Why? Because you are involved in different projects and work on different topics. We also enjoy celebrating, playing sports with each other and cultivating game evenings, regulars' tables and joint events.

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We make your everyday life as pleasant as possible

Anyone who works for customers usually has to travel a lot. We make your day-to-day work as pleasant as possible for you as a consultant. It is important to us that you can easily reconcile your professional and private life. And free drinks, fresh fruit and snacks await you in our offices.

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Working in the home office? No problem.

We will equip you with the latest laptops and smartphones so that you can work wherever you are. Taking into account the needs of your customers, you can manage your times flexibly and also work days from home. Usually, you do not have to be at the customer's on Fridays - home office is no problem then.

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