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Your daily work at ConVista

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At ConVista no two days are the same. However, in a typical working week, you would work at a customer site from Monday to Thursday, usually spending three nights in a hotel. On Fridays, most people either work from a ConVista office or from home.

Even when things get quite stressful, there’s always time for a coffee and a chat, because a collaborative and productive working environment is very important to us.

During your career at ConVista, you will develop a technical, technological or methodological foundation and you can go on to become either an IT Consultant, a Business Consultant or a Project Manager.

IT Consultant or Software Developer at ConVista

Whilst working as an IT Consultant, you will use our solutions at the customer's site, develop software, code, incorporate new requirements - or manage a complete new project. Technical skills are just as important as creativity.

Whether you are implementing, customizing, migrating or replacing a system, you will ideally support the client during the requirements, design, implementation and the stabilization phase, working closely with the client’s IT and business departments.

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Business Consultant at ConVista

As a Business Consultant, you will work hand in hand with IT Consultants, acting as the interface between the customer's business and IT departments. You will discuss business processes and develop blueprints for technical implementation, translating business requirements into more technical terms for the developers - and explaining technical requirements to the business departments.

Your agenda will also include training, operational support, presentations and quality assurance, with a range of activities from small system adaptations to large-scale projects, where you can rebuild an entire process.

Project Manager at ConVista

The Project Manager does everything necessary to ensure that a project is successfully completed in time and budget. You will be responsible for planning resources, methods and tools, ensuring that the needs of customers and colleagues are taken into consideration. The Project Manager is the contact person for both internal and external team members.

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Alina Ax, Human Ressources

Alina Ax, ConVista Academy 

Here, at the Academy, we believe employee training is very important. We offer an extensive training program, which we are continuously developing. Most of our courses are held by colleaguses, and I think this is a particularly good thing.

Outlook: Your development with us

Develop ideas - Shape careers

Let’s grow together and become better! We will provide the best environment to support your personal development – without the need for a rigid career plan. You determine the pace and direction. And, you always know where you stand. We will help you define where you want to be, taking into consideration your skills and talents, and together we plan the way ahead.  

Our internal training program facilitates your education progression. We have more than 130 seminars, ranging from technological and methodological basics to industry expertise and soft skill training. Our program has already won the German Education Prize several times.

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