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Dedicated Banking Offerings providing end-to-end
solutions for key business requirements

Big Data Analytics and Reporting for Banks

Supporting the decision making process with accurate and timely data whilst simultaneously complying with regulatory requirements

Banks are under pressure become faster and more proactive in making business decisions. These decisions are based on massive volumes of structured and unstructured data, acquired daily from interacting with clients and global markets. It is a major challenge to provide the relevant data for all business domains in the required granularity, quality and time for value-based decisions. Furthermore, the Basel Committee has formulated binding principles for effective risk data aggregation and reporting (BCBS239) demanding more aligned data management processes and a transparent reconciliation supporting IT architecture. New reporting and decision support solutions transform heterogeneous data sources utilizing standardized data management processes to cover different reporting areas.

ConVista offers solutions and consulting services addressing the stated challenges for Big Data Analytics and Reporting Management and leveraging new technologies and methods uniquely customized to enhance and improve our clients' information needs. Our Data Management and Reporting solution enables a reliable, fully compliant end-to-end SAP-based Finance, Risk and Compliance platform for all CFO and CRO IT support needs. ConVista's Business Intelligence support services encompass consulting and implementation of holistic Reporting solutions.

  • Alignment of Finance Transformation program initiatives in an integrated Finance & Risk Management Architecture combined with integrated KPI-based Planning & Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics & Data Management - Advisory and Implementation Services 
  • Data Migration (ETL) & Data Life Cycle Management - Advisory and Implementation Services 
  • Regulatory Reporting & Analytics - Advisory and Implementation Services 

Alexander Ritter

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