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Dedicated Banking Offerings providing end-to-end
solutions for key business requirements

Distribution Channel Management

Successful Sales in a Modern Banking Omni-Channel Architecture

In order to sustain profitability, financial institutions and, in particular, retail and wholesale banks need to offer a unique value proposition and provide exceptional customer experience across all distribution channels.

Retaining and winning new clients is not only a matter of tailoring new financial products and services to client's needs, but also ensuring that the services provided are aligned across all distribution channels, providing positive and personalized customer interaction regardless of how the customer contact is made (branch, call center, online banking, mobile banking and business partners). This is the biggest challenge in a modernized, omni-channel architecture.

ConVista provides solutions and consulting services that specifically address the challenges of omni-channel architecture. Our services are uniquely customized to enhance and improve our clients' brand and business model objectives. The Banking Broker Management solution is a highly automated, fully compliant (e.g. Dodd-Frank) end-to-end CRM platform for sales/broker managers, and provides integrated pricing and incentive & commission management. Our Billing & Revenue Innovation Management solution is a scalable and flexible revenue platform to manage complex pricing and settlement relationships while tracking all revenue and costs; it is ideal for dynamic relationship pricing or complex transactional fee billings.

  • Alignment of Sales & Marketing initiatives in an omni-channel architecture combined with an integrated KPI-based planning & analytics of the entire banking sales force
  • Optimized collaboration with independent brokers through Banking Broker Management solution for all financial services segments, retail/wholesale banks, insurance, capital markets
  • Flexible and scalable mass-data Billing & Charging solution for relationship pricing or transactional fees
  • Mobile Application Development for banks and financial institutions
  • Complex Incentive and Commissions Management solution implementations for the entire banking sales force