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Core Banking Transformation

Transformation Programs for Core Banking Systems

The pressure of growth strategies makes it necessary to modernize core banking systems. Business models need adapt in order to manage the simultaneous goals of optimizing profitability and achieving cost efficiency. A core banking system includes all critical application systems needed to perform the day-to-day operations within the bank. Those core banking systems, mostly called the middle-office or bank production applications, support the day-to-day transaction processing and accounting for all banking business. These applications and systems need to be robust, flexible and cost-effective and integrate seamless with the Sales & Service Layer or Front-Office and the Backoffice or Finance, Risk & Compliance platforms of a bank while providing the required scalability. The necessary changes in such a complex environment need to be planned and implemented methodically.

ConVista offers solutions and consulting services that specifically address the challenges of a core banking transformation program for the purpose of modernizing banking & IT architecture. Our services are uniquely customized to enhance and improve our clients’ business objectives. Complex banking processes require specific application platforms for each line of business, which need to be integrated and open for different businesses such as lending, deposits, market, and investment as well insurance. ConVista's core banking transformation support services encompass consulting, process support and implementation of SAP-based deposit and lending platforms, which can be integrated with the customer information repository, sales force CRM and product management systems.

  • Alignment of Core Banking Transformation program initiatives in a more integrated, simplified and flexible Core Banking Architecture combined with integrated KPI-based Management & Control
  • Banking Sales Force Management - Advisory and Implementation Services
  • SAP-based Lending Platform- Advisory and Implementation Services
  • SAP-based Deposit Platform  - Advisory and Implementation Services 
  • Compliance, Access & Process Control  - Advisory and Implementation Services

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