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Customer Engagement and Commerce – The Seamless Omnichannel Customer Journey

Fully engage your customers anytime, from any device, at any point in their journey

ConVista CEC delivers Digital Customer Engagement solutions focused on SAP software and industry best practices.

Our key expertise areas include:

  • Analytics-driven personalized marketing
  • Research-to-Buy customer journey
  • Customer self-service
  • CRM + SFA: customer relationship management meets sales force automation
  • Integration with core systems
  • Customer Experience & Customer Journey Analytics

Your customers increasingly expect to interact with your brand with the same degree of digital empowerment that they enjoy with any other product or service brand. Whether shopping for consumer goods like sneakers and electronics, or buying complex financial instruments like insurance products and investment instruments, customers expect to research to buy, complete a purchase, and use follow-on services on their own terms. Some customers will want to talk to a live person by phone. Others want to do it themselves through their mobile devices. Many will want to seamlessly jump between all of your channels – in-store, Web, mobile, phone – within a single customer journey.

The tools that make such a unified customer engagement and Omnichannel experience possible are finally becoming available to financial services brands. But the banking and insurance space has traditionally not been as mature as other sectors such as retail in the area of Customer Engagement and Commerce (CEC). ConVista’s CEC practice can get you there. With a proven track record in both the banking and insurance space and customer engagement, ConVista CEC is the ideal partner to help you transform your customer experience into an up-to-date CEC journey.

Starting with a two-day Strategic Workshop, our team helps your project owners clarify your Strategic Imperatives, identify your Engagement Strategy, and establish the most appropriate Project Governance Model and Cadence.

Our 5-day CEC Project Planning Workshop helps you craft your business case and maps out an implementation program to best achieve your CEC goals. Deliverables include a Program Roadmap for one or more phases, a Requirements Document, a high-level Future Architecture description, Project Sequencing, and a Business Case.

Once we’ve helped you set your direction, ConVista can plan, manage, and execute your full CEC Implementation Project. From software implementation and configuration to custom development, we can help you achieve your CEC Goals.

  • Increase revenue
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Boost distribution
  • Improve up-selling and cross-selling
  • Lower servicing costs
  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs
  • Reduce sales cycles, automate processes, and increase satisfaction
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Optimize development efforts
  • ConVista CEC’s deep FSI industry experience

Martin Hinz

+49 89 520 311 620