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Customer Journeys tell a story. Journey Analytics will illuminate them.


ConVista and ClickFox: Competent consulting and longstanding industry experience meets powerful big data technology.

It’s a simple but important fact: you need to satisfy customer’s needs to achieve long-term business success. The focus should be on retaining existing customers as well as winning new ones, and in today’s highly competitive markets customer satisfaction is a key success factor, differentiating outstanding businesses from the rest. 

You need to provide unique customer experiences, based around your products and services. However, it is important that your customers experience simple and efficient interactions with as few obstacles as possible and their experience needs to be consistent regardless of how they make contact with your organization.

Having a comprehensive understanding of all individual customer interactions will help you to fulfill your customers’ needs in the best possible way. It is not an easy task, though, as big data has to be connected and analyzed to obtain the good quality data and to capture valuable information. To take on this challenge, ConVista can help you uncover and analyze actual customer interactions with Journey Analytics powered by ClickFox.

Our proposal to you:

A biggest advantage of our approach is to connect siloed data into connected, dynamic journeys that can be leveraged for business insights. This means, we are able to provide an outside-in view of your company showing how your customers interact with your organization.

By uncovering such invaluable data, covering the entire process from a customer’s perspective, and connecting it to the customer’s data you already have access to, you are able to measure the efficiency and the effectiveness of customer journeys. ClickFox Journey Analytics will enhance the transparency of the journey. ClickFox Journey Analytics provide new perspectives and transparency. We will provide you with the starting points for the optimization of your service processes and the quality of your customer interactions and this can lead to a significant reduction in call center traffic and provides the ability to take more proactive initiatives, identifying and reducing inefficient customer journeys.

Your benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction – by identifying cost intensive customer journeys, inefficient sales approaches and drivers for customer dissatisfaction, you can set up specific improvement actions.

  • Boost customer retention – reduce the number of the call center load, minimize inefficient customer interactions and customer churn. Use the opportunity to reduce cost and take advantage of up-selling and cross-selling potential, improving sustainable customer satisfaction and achieving high customer engagement.

  • Reduce your service costs – by looking at actual digital customer behavior, you can continuously monitor the effects of your specific improvement initiatives. Start with the most critical journeys and optimize the digital interaction with your clients gradually.

The ClickFox platform provides journey data, which can be further processed in existing analytics tools, thereby creating a more sophisticated overview of what is happening.

The interplay of high-performance Customer Journey Analytics powered by ClickFox and the comprehensive industry expertise of ConVista provides an appealing and unique service offering.


ClickFox runs on the first scalable Customer-Journey-Application that combines arbitrary raw data sources (big data) and transforms them into meaningful and transparent end-to-end journeys. It is the only native journey analytics solution based on Hadoop.



The big advantage: for over a decade ClickFox has specialized in the integration of raw data sources, using the capabilities of this technology and benefiting from their experiences with journey optimization.

Across sectors, ClickFox has integrated 112 billion interaction for 28 billion journeys for customers across the world. There are over 40 successful use cases at more than 30 customers, proving that technology is well established. 




Our experts have developed a deep knowledge about the business processes of our customers. We have been working on analytics projects for over a decade and know the main challenges with different types of data of our customers.

We have been evaluating valuable analytics- or Big-Data-solutions in our core industries to recommend our customers solutions with a high value potential.

We not only derive use cases for our customer we help them to analyze the results, design and implement their processes. We consult our customers in the areas of process design and project implementation throughout their entire value chain.



Alexander Makowski

Associate Partner

+49 221 88826-463

ClickFox Journey Analytics Overview