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Fraud Management

Fighting fraud with effective IT systems and strong detection strategies

Various studies suggest that worldwide about 5-10 % of all claim payments are affected by insurance fraud or manipulation: be it due to exaggerating the amount of loss, providing false information on the origin of the claim, faking or provoking a claim, or manipulating settlements. Other areas such as payments and sales are also a field of activity for fraudsters. The resourcefulness of criminals is high.

Fighting fraud is thus not just a matter of the law, but a question of economic necessity. The related savings are recognized immediately in profit and loss. The ROI from countermeasures can be realized within only a few months.

We assist your company in fighting fraud and manipulation with an effective Fraud Management solution. ConVista offers you business and technical support for all lines of insurance business. We combine years of process expertise in the insurance industry with profound knowledge of IT systems, be it individual or standard solutions such as SAP.

ConVista designs and implements detection scenarios and integrates them into your existing business processes. We support you with all business issues and help you find the right balance between extensive fraud checks and streamlined processing, e.g. for handling claims.

  • Conception of detection scenarios for all lines of insurance business

  • Integration of fighting fraud into existing business processes

  • Technical implementation of fighting fraud using SAP HANA technology, regardless of the existing operational systems (non-SAP or SAP)