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"At any time and concerning all topics around
product and inventory management we trust
in the competent consultancy and support of
ConVista Consulting AG"

Manfred Wernhard, Münchener Verein

Policy Management

Increasing the level of standardization and automation as an ongoing process

Insurance companies are often faced with the necessity to adapt existing processes in policy management, or, as a result of corresponding growth, even to automate them.

Transferring work steps from second-level support to first-level support is one common example for adapting processes. As experience shows, the lower the level of standardization and automation in a line of business, the less business transactions are suited for first-level support. Increasing the level of standardization and automation permanently is an ongoing process, which carries business transactions further to the first-level support (or even to the end customer) with increasing automation.

To attain standardization of processes in policy management, ConVista deploys a specific implementation method for realizing standard software—a close-to-standard implementation. The functional concepts are created according to a specific structure. This allows us to evaluate any necessary deviations from the standard via a process cost analysis, which includes a cost-and-benefit analysis. With this approach, ConVista not only provides assistance with the system selection, but also with the subsequent implementation and integration into existing system landscapes. We provide you with the necessary business view for a successful project and significant optimization of processes.

  • Technical consultation on the system selection and IT strategy

  • Process cost analyses for improved decision making

  • Implementation, maintenance, and operation of standard software to attain process optimization

  • Development of individual software

  • Modernization of existing applications (refactoring)

  • Benefits due to gains in efficiency opposed to low-cost approaches

  • Project reviews

  • Expertise in the policy management systems available on the market, e.g. SAP FS-PM, Faktor-IPM, INSIS, TIA or msg.PIA

Alexander Sladeczek

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Christian Madey

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