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Sales Force Management

Effective sales management

Sales management is not finished with the implementation of a remuneration model; it is rather an ongoing process. Markets and trends are constantly changing and the offers and products of a company are also subject to a continuous life cycle.

To us, sales management means above all else, increasing the motivation of a sales team; the more motivated a sales team is, the more products it will sell. We think a mixture of components is the key to success. Apart from direct "remuneration" in the form of commissions or brokerage, an appropriate combination of campaigns and target agreements is especially expedient. These measures are topped off with an efficient management to further improve the most successful models.

ConVista has many years of consulting experience in the field of sales processes. Based on this knowledge, we support our customers from the planning of the remuneration model to implementation and testing. We deal not only with the definition of the remuneration model for targeted sales management but also with the settlement process and remunerations that are not directly performance-related. This allows representing flat-rate remunerations as well as a guaranteed remuneration for new sales teams.

To reduce risks, we rely on a transparent liability model and retain a part of the earned commission as cancellation reserve. A cross-system view of the processes forms the focus of this model.  

  • Cross-line-of-business and comprehensive view of a sales partner by merging information

  • Implementation of effective incentive and remuneration models with SAP (FS-)ICM

  • Creation of transparency and flexibility

  • Comprehensive expertise in upstream and downstream processes and systems

  • Support with the technical implementation

Christian Madey

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