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Fast and efficient management of variable renumeration such as target agreements, sales campaigns and commissions

If implemented and positioned properly, variable renumeration will motivate your employees permanently, strengthen the cooperation and increase satisfaction. To let your ideas and plans not only remain a concept but also find their fast way into an automated renumeration system of your company, we have developed the software SF2Go. 

What does SF2Go provide?

SF2Go is aimed at users, who possibly work with the system day by day and who would like to adopt changes without including the IT: the sales department. 

Therefore, SF2Go provides convenient and user-friendly screens and flexible pick lists without any IT skills necessary. Apart from that, SF2Go impresses by full transparency from the conception to employee renumeration. 

How can SF2Go be integrated?

SF2Go can be set up via SAP NetWeaver technology as well as on the basis of Java. What does SF2Go include? 

Apart from the calculation of targets, campaigns, bonuses and commissions, SF2Go also includes central settlements and a comprehensive reporting. Standard interfaces for the most common input and target systems complement the solution and allow thus for an easy integration into any system environment. 

Apart from a complete introduction, the modular structure allows for a complementation of the existing systems through additional components. Therefore, a gradual introduction into your company is easily possible

Thanks to the flexible modular principle, complex requirements can be depicted fast and clearly in SF2Go. Again, the operability for users of the specialist department is given priority. 

Christian Madey

+49 89 520 311-632

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