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Incentives and Remuneration

Motivation and management of sales employees

Many of the current remuneration systems are obsolete: they do not sufficiently represent new products or even entire strategies anymore. Moreover, minor adjustments to the systems frequently result in large-scale IT projects that, not only entail a great deal of time and effort but also an enormous delay. However, responding quickly to market trends is one of the key success factors here. Exceptions and manual workarounds are created as a supposed solution, which in the long run leads to lack of transparency and monopolies of knowledge. Companies are therefore looking for flexible solutions that provide standards and best practices. At the same time, this solution should be so widespread that any changes and adjustments to current situations can be handled by temporarily employed industry experts.

For many years, ConVista has been relying on SAP (FS-)ICM when it comes to the implementation of incentive and remuneration models. This software solution offers an established standard for realizing remuneration models and processes around the sales topic. Our consultants not only evaluate the current status and identify customer-specific requirements, they also critically analyze and compare them to current local and global market trends.

The add-ons developed by us and preconfigured content in the area of FS-ICM, which have been tried and tested in previous implementation projects, help you to introduce the software more efficiently and at lower costs.

  • Many years of experience in implementing incentive and remuneration models with SAP (FS-)ICM

  • Conceptual design of incentive and remuneration models

  • Analysis of sales-independent remunerations and processes

  • Comprehensive expertise regarding upstream and downstream
    processes (holistic approach)

  • Implementation of your models

  • Taking on and performing complete implementations, ranging from the design of a suitable remuneration model to implementation and operation

Christian Madey

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