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Sales Management through Innovative Incentive and Remuneration Models

Increasing the productivity and profitability of sales

Now more than ever, all market players are facing  fierce competition that is intensified mainly by the increased transparency of products and services on the internet. Offering products timely to enter or secure markets is not the only challenge for sales. Another major issue is to retain the loyalty of a good and motivated sales team to the company by offering innovative remuneration models whilst increasing profitability. Especially young sales employees who expect more than just a remuneration in the form of a commission. There is a strong demand for attractive models and non-monetary salaries (work-life balance).

Many years of experience in the area of sales management and close contact to cooperation partners and customers make ConVista the right partner when it comes to establishing new remuneration models or optimizing existing models. Be it commissions for contracts sold, campaigns or target-dependent bonuses, ConVista assists you in developing an individual and effective remuneration model for your sales department.

ConVista offers a discussion platform for sales-oriented companies by organizing events, such as the SFM Business Forum, and in doing so keeps on top of state-of-the-art developments in business and technology.

  • Strategic consulting for selecting the right IT solutions for your sales

  • Development of innovative and transparent remuneration models

  • Optimization of customer-specific sales strategies

  • Integration of the sales management solution into the existing system landscape

Christian Madey

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