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Energy Portfolio Management

Optimize the sales process from quotation to procurement

Against a backdrop of increasing competitive pressure, organizations, in the energy sector, can achieve a competitive edge by implementing flexible and efficient IT to support the procurement process. Streamlining all relevant customer information allows effective management of all processes up to and including billing. This procedure reduces process costs and eliminates any potential sources of error. The integrated mapping of appointments and deadlines from forward procurement to day-ahead optimizations gives an up-to-date assessment of all portfolio items at any one time. This means opportunities and risks in the portfolio are transparent, enabling companies to follow active portfolio strategies. In addition, comprehensive campaign support and extensive reporting functions reduce the effort spent on analyzing the sales side to a minimum.

By consolidating data and process in a seamless, highly automated, group of system that support end-to-end processes (e.g. "from quotation to procurement"), it is possible to package and streamline customer information. SAP EPM provides a competitive edge: structured data, well-defined process steps, specific algorithms and a transparent risk management process, support quick and accurate decision-making in a complex business environment. The gap from sales to procurement can be bridged if SAP EPM is used in conjunction with SAP CRM and SAP PCU. ConVista can help you customize your solution and implement changes on time, so you are prepared for the challenges ahead.


  • Analysis of existing process and system landscapes

  • Design of an integrated system landscape for optimized coverage and further enhancement of portfolio management processes

  • Development of strategy for an efficient data storage and system landscape

  • Creation of a reliable schedule for implementation

  • System and process integration of the SAP Energy Portfolio Management

  • Operationalization of processes and training of employees

  • Support for and further enhancement of systems and processes

  • Close partnership with SAP in further enhancements of SAP EPM