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Asset Management and Maintenance

Centralizing all essential data in one system

Compliance with the German Federal Network Agency’s (Bundesnetzagentur) productivity and efficiency requirements increases pressure on the grid operators’ asset managers. Subsequent cost pressure is then passed onto the asset service, which directly reduces the budget available for operating the grids. It is necessary to focus the available resources on the essential areas. But how do we determine what the essential areas are? To answer this question, information is needed on the equipment such as age, material, the renewal cycle, current individual conditions and operating costs of individual components should be taken into account.

All this information needs to be accessible in one system - the "equipment information system". The equipment information system is often made-up of a geographic information system, an SAP system, and specific expert systems, which in part, also serve to control the installation (control system). The equipment information system is complex and requires a structured and target-oriented procedure for the implementation. This ensures that all necessary information is collected, processed, and can be accessed and viewed at any time. Our consultants are specialists in designing, analyzing, and optimizing such systems.

  • All important information is stored in one equipment information system, which consists of a geographic information system, SAP systems, and control systems
  • Structured and goal oriented implementation
  • Quick check of SAP and non-SAP systems, interfaces, workforce management/mobile applications, reporting/KPIs, and shadow IT
  • Priorities list for organizational and system-related measures
  • Overview of the costs for all measures

Hartmut Schmalow

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