Better People. Better Transformation.: BI consulting and SAP solutions from a single source

With our proven expertise in the field of integrated corporate planning and our technical and methodological know-how in the implementation of planning solutions, we support our customers in their most important task: operational, tactical and strategic corporate planning, which is crucial for further corporate development.

In order to present this range of services, which is essential for every company, as comprehensively as possible, our toolbox includes not only business intelligence consulting but also our expertise in various SAP modules responsible for planning.

These mainly include:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud SAC
  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
  • SAP Integrated Planning BW-IP

Through integration in the large ERP solution SAP S/4HANA, the interaction of these three solutions provides the highest level of predictive and planning reliability. It thus minimizes the risk-proneness of decisions that have to be made from the present to the future and that have to be made under great uncertainty and insecurity in view of the rapidly changing market environment and other general conditions.


The SAP solutions for your integrated business planning

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

In dynamic interaction with SAP S/4HANA as the major ERP solution, SAC offers functions for company-wide or departmental analysis, planning and reporting that are available at any time.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC)

The informative value of fast and accurate financial statements helps decision-makers to sufficiently consolidate their planning and budgeting as well as their forecasts and to gain more time.

SAP Integrated Planning (BW-IP)

As a component of SAP BW, the BW-IP module provides Business Intelligence with the data required for analysis and forecasting in such a way as to avoid redundant data.

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Creating a secure foundation for the future with Convista and the analysis tools

With Convista as your partner for corporate planning and business intelligence consulting, we support your company in placing your future on a valid foundation of data and figures. SAP S/4HANA integration in particular can take your corporate planning to a new level: Both cloud-based SAP Cloud Analytics and SAP’s on-premise solutions help to analyze and consolidate plan and actual data in virtually real time.

This hybrid approach gives top management in your company access to the necessary data from all functional areas and subplans at any time. Operational and strategic corrections become possible at any time, and adjustments can be made in a controlled manner. The flexibility and time saved by the company’s management can be profitably invested in the company’s own competitiveness and added value.

Talk to us about the challenges your company is facing today – and about the goals you have set for yourself. Together, we will analyze and clarify your needs, suggest the most effective methods and measures in terms of analytics and business intelligence, and ensure smooth implementation.


Why it is no longer possible today without business planning BI & Analytics

Enterprise-wide transparency and predictive analytics

Business planning BI and analytics provides an overview of all functional areas and sub-plans of a company at all times and sets the direction for necessary adjustments in response to deviations.

Rapid adaptation to changes in the corporate environment

Compared to classic IT solutions, integrated corporate planning provides management with a powerful tool for reacting to changes quickly, agilely and with focus.

More freedom for competition-critical decisions

Since speed is only beneficial when direction is right, BI and analytics tools buy management more time to explore courses of action and minimize risk.

Our DNA: What you can rely on

In-depth expertise

We combine many years of industry expertise, proven process understanding and technological know-how and always keep people in mind in all our projects!

Working at eye level

Our special way of working together produces excellent results. We only feel success when you are successful because of us.

Solution-oriented approach

With our experience, we implement projects pragmatically and solution-oriented to shape the future together with you.

Forward-looking action

Through our commitment to quality, we create sustainable solutions from which you will benefit in the long term.


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