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Become a Smart Enterprise with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

What are you waiting for to transform your business into an intelligent enterprise, where data is analyzed using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Process Robotization (RPA) tools? It is increasingly important to use the right tools to make decisions, analyze data from your ERP systems and use the information to make plans or forecasts by applying predictive analysis algorithms on historical data. SAP Analytics Cloud provides all this functionality and much more.

What is SAP Analytics Cloud?
SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful cloud-based analytics solution that includes business intelligence, collaborative planning, and predictive analytics in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. A recent survey (BARC's The BI Survey 18) confirms customers' satisfaction who are already using SAP Analytics Cloud (96% would recommend this solution).

Key features of SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Cloud solution: SAP Analytics Cloud, is a 100% accessible solution in the cloud. This means that collaborators only need their web browser to access their account. No desktop application is required.
  • All-in-One Solution: Another key feature, compared to other solutions on the market, is the integrated planning within a business intelligence solution.
  • Standard business content: SAP Analytics Cloud allows the download of business content created by SAP or other solutions (3rd-party content) containing predefined models and reports.
  • Connectivity: Another strength that SAP Analytics Cloud has is its connectivity. There are multiple connectors for SAP and non-SAP systems. SAP systems can be S/4HANA, ERP, BW, BPC, on-premise or cloud. Connections can be live or imported data type.
  • Permanent innovation: According to BARC's The BI Survey 18, 52% of users choose SAP Analytics Cloud because of SAP's high innovation capacity. SAP releases a new version every quarter and because it is a cloud solution, the new features are available to customers without any updates or extra software installation.
  • Mobility: The SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile app is now available for devices with iOS systems and SAP has announced that an app for Android devices will also be available soon.

Business Intelligence Functionality
Data analysis within the SAP Analytics Cloud is performed through the creation of "stories", which are the reports that enable you to visualize the information provided. A story can include all types of graphs (bars, lines, rings, or pie) and tables, including geographic maps. The data displayed and analyzed in a story can be from different sources. The story tool is so intuitive that it allows key users to create their own reports.

The SAP Analytics Cloud facilitates employee collaboration through chats and story sharing.

Planning Functionality
When you do business planning in the SAP Analytics Cloud, you don't have to change environments. Models and scenarios can be modified and tested in a private environment or in a private version. In this private environment, users can create "what-if" analyses and play with the data before publishing the final versions. Planning users can choose when and what data is sent for review or published to be visible to other users.

The planning tool provides all the functionality needed in such a process:

  • Version management: All types of versions can be created (actual, planning, forecast, etc.) and they can be private versions (only visible to the users who created them) or public versions (visible to all users).
  • Workflow management: Users are assigned to entry tasks according to their responsibility, the tasks to report the planning data. It includes the functionality of sending notifications, approving and rejecting the assigned tasks and monitoring the status of the sent tasks.
  • Data actions: Execution of scripts to perform actions on data such as copying from one version to another or recalculating balances. It allows the definition of the scripts in a visual way or with pseudo code.
  • Value Driver Tree: Possibility of using value creator trees to calculate "plan" data in a "What-If" analysis.
  • Predictive Forecasting: Apply algorithms on historical data to automatically calculate planning/forecasting data.
  • MS Excel integration: SAP Analysis for Microsoft Excel can be connected directly to SAP Analytics Cloud models, to enable planning data to be entered through a Microsoft Excel sheet.

Without a doubt, SAP Analytics Cloud is a solution to discover, visualize, and predict your data from a single environment. And all this in a cloud and pay-per-use solution.
Furthermore, to start using it, you don't have to wait to migrate to S/4 HANA, nor does it require SAP BW. SAP Analytics Cloud provides a dedicated connector to SAP ECC systems.
So what are you waiting for? Start working like a smart company today using SAP Analytics Cloud. Contact us for a demo or a feasibility study.

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