Combine company’s goals with interests of salespeople

Combine company’s goals with interests of salespeople

It is hard to underestimate the importance of professional salespeople for the success of any enterprise. One of the important challenges is how to help sales organization respond swiftly to every day challenges.

Many companies have their own setup and culture of how salespeople perform. As with any system, sales organizations are resistant to quick change. This is one of the reasons why often sales commission is paid inefficiently, does not reflect the importance of a salesperson’s effort for the company, and things do not change.

One of the solutions which enables our Customers to change remuneration rules in line with sales strategy is ConVista SalesForce2Go (SF2Go), which went live at a Banking customer in Germany in 2015.

The aim of implementing SF2Go was to map variable remuneration models, in order to align remuneration strategy for around 100 of the banking customer’s field staff.

The project’s starting point was a fundamental change in the customer’s compensation strategy - from the classic commission to target-oriented compensation.

Consequently, the resulting challenge was the rapid and, above all, error-free introduction of a new software solution that implemented existing signed contractual agreements, while at the same time keeping the flexibility open for future changes.

Thanks to the extensive coverage of customer requirements in connection with a short implementation period, SF2Go has been able to prove itself as a software solution.

SF2Go, including the sub-function for calculating goals, was implemented in less than 3 months and has fulfilled the requirements for stability and flexibility desired by the customer.

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