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Commissions change sales behavior

SAP Commissions is an end-to-end, configurable solution that can manage your entire commissioning compensation process, from sales order to payment of your direct and indirect sales force. The solution can adapt to your business process and provide agility to meet the rapidly changing market landscape. The solution reduces errors, aligns sales to corporate goals, and helps you spend your compensation budget wisely. A robust and proven SaaS application, it has been rated the leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant six times in a row. Customers around the world, large and small, have saved millions of dollars in errors, lost productivity and lost sales.

The solution provides complete transparency and control over past, present and future compensation payments, allowing you to make the right business decisions with powerful displays, pre-assembled reporting and robust modeling.

Change sales behavior
Offer your representatives and sales managers unprecedented visibility into payments and performance. Sales representatives can:

  • Accept compensation plans
  • Raise pay disputes
  • See detailed compensation instructions and performance metrics
  • Have visibility at anytime, anywhere or device
  • See achievements in real time, performance metrics and understand where they stand in relation to colleagues

This unparalleled transparency and real-time visibility changes sales behaviors, encouraging your sales reps to close bigger deals quickly. Sales managers gain real-time visibility into team performance with the ability to review, evaluate rating teams, and give them a deeper insight into overall sales performance.

Designed for the business user
SAP Commissions is designed for the business user by providing ease of use and speed to market. The business user can easily configure the user interface (UI), generate reports, or model changes to compensation plans without dependence on IT or an outside consultant. The attractive, high-performance user interface simplifies the way compensation administrators work with click-by-click guidance to perform daily tasks. You can easily model, design, build, deploy and manage more complex compensation plans. A rich rule library, pre-configured plan logic, and pre-packaged workflows quickly increase your speed to market and ensure you never get in a corner.

Plan for simplified administration
Once your compensation plan is ready, you want to distribute it and have your representatives sign it. Compensation plan administration is often a manual, time-consuming process that is difficult to track. With Plan Communicator, administrators can create, distribute and, most importantly, easily track acceptance of compensation plan documents. You can create a compensation plan document as easily as you type it into gmail. Once administrators are ready, they can mass distribute the plan to the sales force. The cherry on the cake is real time tracking. At any time, administrators can clearly see how many reps have accepted the plan, how many still need to accept it, and set automatic reminders to ensure your company is always in compliance.

Built-in crediting to pay the right people every time
For any sales agreement, you can accurately process complex divisions to remunerate an unlimited number of direct and indirect representatives in internal and external hierarchies. Process sales reps and non-sales people, such as product managers and channel partners, with ease. Using the robust internal crediting engine, you can remunerate complex functions, relationships, and multiple functions through simple drag-and-drop actions.

Internal representatives in complex hierarchies
SAP Commissions

Settle remuneration disputes quickly
Pay disputes can be the biggest waste of time for managers. Commissions not only reduces the number of errors you have to deal with, but also makes it easier to deal with disputes when they come in. Managers can search and resolve disputes quickly with one-click traceability. Simply click on a payment and you can interactively track all sales transactions on a single screen. Additionally, you can share this information with the sales representative and resolve in minutes, not days.

Spend your compensation budget wisely
Modeling doesn't have to be complicated and time-consuming. We do it in a simple way, so you can do it in just three steps - run the model, view results, and promote production. This way you can provide an estimated and more accurate budget to fund and ensure your incentives work for you. You can model various compensation plans, rules and rates, compare them side by side and easily send the best to production. And the best part: Administrators can model and predict multiple what-if scenarios without IT dependency.

Reduce your risk with full auditability, traceability and robust security
There is 100% audit trail visibility and traceability for SOX compliance. Each screen has detailed audit logs that record who made the change and when. Previous statuses are tracked by time and user. Any payment amounts can easily be tracked back to the original sales transaction with one-click traceability, giving the visibility and flexibility you need to comply with Revenue Recognition Standards. SAP Commissions provides coverage for you. The application provides security for a strong business unit - function, organizational reporting, and cloud.

It integrates easily into your systems
You can easily integrate SAP Commissions with all major CRM, ERP, and HR systems such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, NetSuite, Workday, and others. SAP Commissions integrate at both the data and process levels, so you enjoy real-time data insights and the flexibility to run business processes across multiple systems. Sales reps can easily see your commission statements and even forecast your revenue, encouraging them to close opportunities faster.

Fast time to value
Get value fast with fast deployments, advanced ready-to-use features, and a vibrant community of engaged users you can leverage for continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and best practices. The guided user interface levels the learning curve. A library of rules and reports, pre-configured plan logic, pre-packaged workflows, and more. With SAP Commissions, you reduce overpayments, eliminate compensation disputes, and increase revenue.

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