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ConsPrep.CbCR – Country-by-Country-Reporting

Manage country-by-country reporting with minimal effort

Since 2017, multinational corporations have been required to report annually on a country-by-country basis in accordance with OECD guidelines. Country-by-country reporting (CbCR) is intended above all to put an end to a controversial tax strategy: so-called Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS).

This means that companies are faced with the challenging task of listing sales revenues, earnings, taxes and other key figures separately for each country. The data must therefore be provided. Another requirement is to produce the report in the specified data format (XML). Furthermore, new terms that do not correspond to the previously applicable accounting standards must be interpreted.

ConsPrep.CbCR supports you in fulfilling these new requirements legally and efficiently. Make it easy for yourself - trust in our extensive expertise to map legal requirements in a time efficient way by using user-friendly software solutions.

Thanks to the reporting possibilities of ConsPrep.CbCR, you keep the overview of the CbCR, whilesaving yourself from the manual collection of additional data and error-prone handling of different data sources.


  • generates data quickly and in the required format; ensures its quality and thus accelerates your reporting
  • ensures a transparent and user-friendly reporting process
  • is adapted to the changing requirements via a continuous release strategy

This saves you time and money, while simultaneously ensuring that you can meet the OECD requirements reliably and efficiently.

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