Customer loyalty through automated online marketing

Customer loyalty through automated online marketing

For today's customer, a uniform letter in response to their request is no longer acceptable. They do not want to look into their mailbox three days later, but expects a reaction in milliseconds - on their preferred digital channel.  How do you manage that?

With automated omnichannel marketing: For smooth communication, customer advisors and services should always be informed about the customer's current situation. This can be achieved if all channels through which they come into contact with the company are interwoven. Regardless of the sector - whether in the insurance or energy sector, banking, industry or trade.

The prerequisite for optimal customer communication is to know the customer

Customer advisors and service departments must know the customer’s history. They need support to be able to analyze future customer behavior. They therefore need a customer file that can convey all the necessary information quickly and is user-friendly, which recommends the appropriate sales measures and at the same time automatically documents the customer visit.

Customer advisors can playfully measure their success - thanks to Gamification components

All this is made possible by a solution based on SAP C/4HANA. The fast, simple, data-driven sales processes in the cloud should not least also help customer advisors to succeed. How successful they are is shown to them in real time: intelligently used gamification components provide an additional incentive. 

We help you achieve your business goals in sales, services and marketing in the cloud

We will be happy to advise you on how to make the best possible use of new digital customer channels and technologies and how to implement them in your company with smart sales and service processes. You can rely on our support in choosing the right software - you rely on flexible, user-friendly and future-proof IT systems.

It is important to us that we implement your business cases quickly and agilely in the appropriate IT systems and also support you in the subsequent live operation with our industry and professional experience.

Automated omnichannel marketing specifically for banks and insurers

With our solution you can ...

  • recognize the needs of the customer and respond to them
  • reach the customer on their preferred channels
  • intelligently consolidate all customer information in one customer file
  • exploit simple, highly automated sales processes
  • cleanly integrate new online sales channels
  • benefit from cost-efficient lean service processes

Sales and marketing are a "living animal": What works well today will be a shelf warmer tomorrow.

Trust in our future-proof solution - and in us as your partner. We offer you

  • expertise in online marketing and the latest trends
  • successful change management for the introduction of new sales processes
  • agile implementations for a trial and error culture
  • Consideration of BaFin requirements in the banking and insurance environment
  • GDPR compliant marketing and GDPR compliant salesR

Reference: We brought the first bank, the Sparda Banking Group, into the cloud

  • As a pioneer in the industry, ConVista can draw on a wealth of project experience with SAP C/4HANA. We have successfully brought the Sparda  Banking Group, the first banks ever, completely into the SAP C/4 cloud and can draw on extensive practical experience.
  • In the banking and insurance environment there are complex industry-specific and regulatory requirements. As industry experts, we can successfully implement these in a joint project.
  • The Sparda banks are available as reference contacts.
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