IFRS - Standards for more transparency

The rules of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are intended to make information on the assets, financial position and earnings of a company comparable across national borders. The complexity of the rules is initially a deterrent, but it does offer opportunities.

Preparing annual reports in accordance with international accounting standards has now become part of everyday life for many companies. The guiding principles are the IFRS, which are defined by the International Financial Reporting Standards Board. These standards make annual and consolidated financial statements internationally comparable.

Currently, they are only mandatory for capital market-oriented companies. But because the comparability of financial statements creates transparency and appeals to investors and other stakeholders across national borders, IFRS are also of interest to all other companies.

Implementing IFRS rules in a professional and technical manner is complex, but not impossible

We support you in the design and implementation of solutions with which you can map all requirements of the standard. Professionally, organizationally and technically - sector-specific and individually for your company.

Our IFRS expertise at a glance:

  • IAS 1 (Presentation of Financial Statements)
  • IFRS 17 (Insurance contracts)
  • IFRS 15 (Revenue from contracts with customers)
  • IFRS 5 (Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations)
  • IFRS 8 (Operating Segments)
  • IFRS 9 / IAS 32 / IAS 39 (Financial instruments)
  • IFRS 13 (Fair Value Measurement)
  • IAS 7 (Cash Flow Statements)
  • IAS 38 (Intangible Assets)

Give yourself a head start - with a concept for the introduction of IFRS

We look at your complete financial architecture and analyse the effects on upstream systems, interfaces and the preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements.

Subsequently, we will design the best possible concept for introducing the new accounting standards into your structures as smoothly and timely as possible.

We are not only experts in IFRS, but also have many years of experience in mapping parallel accounting in the SAP environment. This means that we can also implement the different recognition, measurement and presentation regulations for you in internal and external reporting.

Don't lose any time, but treat yourself to a head start. While others are still analyzing their process steps, work with us now to consider how you can adapt your system to the new standards.

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