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Make your business smarter with SAP Conversational AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly present in our lives and this is no less true in the business world. One of the most affected areas is that of conversational interfaces, known as "chatbots", with a client who is increasingly seeking the simplicity and instantaneous response of a digital service. To face this reality, SAP presents its new tool: SAP Conversational AI.

Every day more and more studies confirm that customers prefer a digital means of communication to interact with companies. Intelligent chatbots offer a more personalized, all-channel, real-time user experience, and can handle specific repetitive tasks, pre-qualify requests, or direct customers to the right resources. However, only a small percentage of companies include conversational technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (Conversational AI).

SAP's solution to this problem is called SAP Conversational AI. It is a platform for developing bots, which allows your company's team to train, develop, connect and monitor intelligent chatbots in a simple and fast way.
SAP Conversational AI has four different functionalities grouped into a single interface:

  • Bot Builder allows users to quickly, and easily, create powerful conversational flows and skills, with options for collaboration and options for improving every detail. A skill is based on a conversation block that has a clear purpose and that a bot can execute to achieve a goal.

Skills are composed of three parts:

  1. Triggers → the conditions that determine if a skill is to be activated.
  2. Requirements → determines what information the bot needs from the user and how to get it.
  3. Actions → performed by the bot once the requirements are completed.
  • Bot Training works with proprietary multilingual NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology that analyzes text, in any language, sent by the customer, to improve the user experience. This technology is based on the classification of "intents" and the detection of "entities".
  • Bot Connector connects chatbots seamlessly to any SAP solution, external communication channels and back-end systems.
  • Bot Monitor helps users understand how customers interact with the chatbot, and then react to improve the user experience and accuracy based on the data collected.
  • SAP Conversational AI is able to guide customers to the right Web page, answer frequently asked questions, or perform simple tasks. Its chatbots are fully integrated with SAP products, but can also be integrated into any other non-SAP solution, making it easy for both SAP and non-SAP users to learn.

What are the steps to getting started in SAP Conversational AI?

1. Horizontal robot design using the "receptionist pattern"
In the so-called "receptionist pattern" the bot is placed at the beginning of every interaction with the user and all requests or questions are passed through it. Although the bot is designed to understand all the requests, it does not necessarily take care of all of them, choosing, depending on the situation, one of the three possible options:

  • It takes care of the request itself in an autonomous way.
  • It collects important information and refers the request to a human agent.
  • He automatically refers the request to the right service or to a human agent.
  • The receptionist's employer ensures that every request made by a customer is handled correctly.

2. Expansion of the scenarios by phases to obtain the best results
Once you have a well-functioning receptionist pattern, you should select a small number of scenarios to automate. SAP recommends that you automate 30% of your company's processes before expanding into new scenarios.

3. Connecting to other smart technologies
SAP Conversational AI can have a huge impact on the user experience itself. With the ability to connect this service to other intelligent services in the SAP catalog such as Machine Learning (to provide a more personalized experience and more accurate response) or Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (to be able to automate processes and repetitive tasks), the value of SAP Conversational AI increases dramatically.

How does SAP Conversational AI benefit customers?

1. Customer service is much more accessible
The fact that a chatbot integrates perfectly with a web page means that the user does not have to look for complicated manuals or help. A simple popup window allows the user to start the interaction with the technical service and go straight to the problem, since it is based on what the customer requests.

2. Faster response rate
Customers today require fast, concise attention at any time of day, they don't want to be waiting for the phone or email to solve their problems. Chatbots make this possible, as the conversations take place in real time.

3. A perfected experience
A chatbot can have all of a user's information, if they are registered on the page from which they accessed the service. In this way you can avoid unnecessary steps, having to enter certain contact information or information related to the resolution of the problem again. In addition, it is able to refer the user to the correct human agent in case their help is needed, or to offer them links or multimedia files in a simple way.

How does SAP Conversational AI benefit the business?

1. Improved Customer Loyalty
A good user experience improves customer loyalty. A chatbot makes this experience perfect by reducing the time spent on searching for a solution, the complexity of the process and the frustration for the customer.

2. Increased profits and revenue
Increased customer demand for business support translates into the need to hire more staff to address that demand. Chatbots can offer a solution here, by being able to take care of certain human tasks without the need to hire more staff, which would translate into higher profits.

3. Improved productivity
The fact that a chatbot can take care of certain tasks, without human intervention, frees up the staff to focus their efforts on other more important tasks.

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