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Manage your business in real time

In Finance and Controlling, employees are often more concerned with collecting key figures than with analyzing performance. An SAP platform with a 360-degree view enables them to understand and predict the cause and effect of individual influencing factors.

As the person responsible for Controlling and Finance at corporate headquarters, you know this:

  • You have to wait for the results of the subsidiaries belonging to the group or for key figures from other company divisions, everything comes at once and you can be the last link in the chain.
  • Analyzing the data and preparing it for your report recipients is correspondingly complex and time-consuming.
  • This applies not only to the preparation of classic financial reports at company level, but also to your segment and group reporting, including meaningful KPIs.
  • Just as tedious are the planning processes, where you are often confronted with surprises. The analysis of planned measures, as well as the simulation of business developments, are often not possible without high resource inputs.
  • Often you are more concerned with the comparison and consolidation of key performance indicators than with the analysis of your company's performance and its sustainable development.

You ask yourself whether this could not be easier and better? Our answer: yes.

Make decisions quickly, transparently and based on reliable data

We support you in developing an information platform that helps you understand your company and make the right decisions quickly and efficiently.

In doing so, we are guided by clearly defined target values: Information quality, speed and transparency.

Real-time reporting and planning in focus

To ensure that you have a 360-degree view of the current status and development of your company at all times, we establish mature and well-proven reporting and planning processes for you.

In doing so, we support you not only in terms of processes, but also technically, by consistently developing your system landscape with you on the basis of the latest technology that suits you best.

Cause, effect and new possibilities for corporate control

After the introduction of an information platform for controlling, you will gain new insights into your company:

  • Which parts of the company contribute to my corporate goals and how?
  • How can I simulate and anticipate external effects (e.g. changes in exchange rates, economic developments) at the level of my companies, divisions and group?
  • How can I manage my organization operationally to achieve my strategic goals?
  • How can internal and external accounting be merged and data redundancy eliminated?
  • How can I integrate the individual departments and experts within my company into one system?
  • What effect do M&A activities (company acquisitions and sales) have on my group KPIs?

Analyze and evaluate instead of just collecting and comparing

This allows you to

  • perform complex analyses faster
  • Accelerate planning processes
  • gain transparency
  • Perform simulations
  • avoid media disruptions
  • reduce manual activities
  • reduce operating costs

Furthermore, we oversee the optimal integration of your business processes with your SAP system landscape.

The sustainable development of your SAP modules is the central foundation for us, which we continue to expand together using our many years of experience in the SAP core modules (e.g. SD, FI, CO, MM, BW).

Benefit from our support for individual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and KPI reporting

We offer you

  • a holistic view of your processes from planning to individual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and multidimensional KPI reporting
  • an innovative information platform for efficient management of your company, fully integrated into your system landscape
  • Best practice expertise in system setup, for example with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC), SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW), SAP Analytics Cloud and S/4HANA

Start now - let's do it!

Unternehmenssteuerung in Echtzeit mit SAP

Christian Stechow
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