Award for ConVista Consulting AG as "SAP Partner of the Year”

ConVista Consulting AG has repeatedly received several awards from SAP Germany. But this year, the joy is particularly great.

In addition to the focus partnerships in the Energy, Service Provider, Media & Telco, Banking and Insurance sectors, we also won the award "Partner of the Year of SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG" in the Financial Services sector. In addition, we are allowed to participate in the strategic exchange of the management of SAP Germany as part of the Partner Advisory Council.

Distinguished in innovation and expertise

Participation in the Diamond Initiative is significant for us as a partner of SAP Germany and has now become firmly established as a comprehensive transparency and appreciation approach for all partners of SAP Germany.

Outstanding contributions in the SAP environment

"We are proud! As part of the Diamond Initiative for SAP partners, we have been honored with the Partner of the Year award in the Financial Services sector (Insurance and Banking) due to our outstanding contributions," explained our SAP Partner Manager Sandra Haus. We were also able to secure a nomination as Partner Advisory Council. We look forward to future joint exchanges.

We were also able to further expand our awards as a focus partner in various industries. In addition to the existing areas of Energy, Banking and Insurance, we received recognition as a focus partner in the Service Provider, Media & Telco industries. We are also pleased about another expertise and award from SAP: In addition to Insurance, Banking, Utilities and Financial Management, we received the Recognized Expertise in the Automotive sector.

These awards not only confirm our expertise as experienced SAP experts. They also offer our customers the security of having a strong partner behind them for their transformation projects.


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