enowa AG magazine for the insurance industry has been published

The latest magazine issue of our subsidiary enowa AG focuses on the topic of renewal of inventory management systems.

Kundenmagazin der enowa AG für die Versicherungsbranche erschienen

In order to modernize and expand existing business channels, insurers are working on very different digitization construction sites. In it, Enowa experts and customers share practical knowledge and experiences.

An interview with two of ConVista's board members, Martin Hinz and Jörg Renger, also found its way into the magazine.

The interview as an excerpt

enowa AG becomes part of the ConVista Group

As of January 1, 2021, enowa AG has become part of the ConVista Group. The merger expands the range of competencies and services in the industry and insurance sectors. We spoke to Martin Hinz and Jörg Renger, members of the Executive Board of ConVista Consulting AG, and Hans-Peter Holl, member of the Executive Board of enowa AG's Insurance Industry division, about the impact on the insurance industry.

What is the goal of the merger between ConVista Consulting AG and enowa AG?

Jörg Renger: With the merger, we want to establish ourselves as a medium-sized partner of change through digitalization with quality leadership for industrial companies and insurance companies. The group's range of services includes business consulting/specialist consulting, IT/SAP consulting/implementation, software development/software products, application management as well as German-speaking nearshoring and enables projects to be delivered end-to-end from a single source.

Martin Hinz: We are happy about the substantial addition in our two core industries and look forward to working with many new colleagues.

Let's take a closer look at the insurance market. What are the advantages for insurance companies?

Jörg Renger: With the merger, we are joining forces to offer a total package for insurance companies in all lines of business along the complete value chain with complementary services.

Hans-Peter Holl: The range of services now extends both on the software side in the development, introduction and implementation of IT systems and on the process side in specialist consulting and actuarial services across all insurance lines - life, composite, residual debt as well as SHI/insurance.

Will anything change for enowa customers?

Hans-Peter Holl: As usual, our customers can rely on our strengths and the outstanding expertise of our colleagues. As the services grow, we will continue to offer the familiar speed of coordination and implementation as well as direct communication based on partnership.

Martin Hinz: We are excited about the coming months of growing together. We are culturally very similar, both, in our way of working, and in our quality standards. We are therefore convinced that our customers will benefit from the expanded services in all areas.

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Martin Hinz
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Jörg Renger
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