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One platform. All digital.

One Digital Office - a ConVista Software Solution

One Platform. All Digital.

The Digital Front Office platform for insurance companies

Our vision is to enable insurance companies to compete effectively in this age of digital disruption by creating a unified digital front office solution.

We are living in a digital world. Consumers increasingly expect and demand always-on, mobile-first, engaging user experiences. Users’ growing need for simplicity, speed, and transparency requires that insurance companies change their customer engagement strategies. Or they risk being disrupted.

The winners in this new digital world will be the carriers or insurtech startups that can pivot to new competitive advantages, engage at the appropriate level with all of their external users, and can adapt their products to changing market conditions.

In this new digital world, carriers must have a Digital Front Office strategy.

ConVista offers OneDigitalOffice, the antidote to digital disruption. OneDigitalOffice is a comprehensive Digital Front Office platform. A platform for any insurance carrier, writing any product, via any distribution channel, connecting to any core middle office to engage users in all journeys including sales, service, FNOL (First notice of loss), and 3rd party actions.

ConVista’s combination of deep industry knowledge and technical expertise has made us exceptionally well qualified to create the unique IP behind OneDigitalOffice. We have built up extensive insurance content to implant an “insurance brain” inside an Omnichannel body, transforming customer engagement for the insurance industry.

  • Only solution for end-to-end insurance engagement from Policy to Billing to Claims
  • Most flexible and agile platform to build any customer experience
  • Stand-up sell and service a new insurance product in less than 45 days
  • Build any insurance product - 500 products and variations built!
  • Servicing insurance companies from start-ups through multi-billion dollar carriers
  • Platform for plugging in insurtech innovations