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Process optimization via software development and integration

ConVista Statutory Reporting

Modular Statutory Reporting for Assets & Investments based on SAP BW

Banking and insurance companies have numerous legal requirements to fulfill in each country they are operating. For example, they need to provide reports for financial assets and liabilities containing information on the state of portfolios and investments. The investments need to be structured according to the attributes required by the relevant regulatory authority. ConVista has developed a solution based on SAP Business Warehouse to cover the local regulators requirements relating to the layout and content of delivered reports. ConVista Statutory Reporting for BW is an SAP-certified tool delivering a centralized environment based on SAP BW and fulfilling local regulatory requirements.

The tool offers integrated and validated data origins through automatic reconciliation with the source. It provides flexible entry and reporting templates containing mixed investments and other data. Users are also able to generate reports based on the master data available at a point in time, giving access to historical data. Execution of reports must be logged and data must be reproducible. ConVista Statutory Reporting for BW enables data to be uploaded from SAP and non-SAP systems. Regulatory changes, which usually occur periodically, are delivered as regular product content updates. Amongst other advantages, the Statutory Reporting tool allows traceability of manual modifications, reconciliation of data and its’ user friendly design is a key element.

  • Integrated view of all significant capital investments and risk management indicators

  • Integrated and validated data origin

  • Flexible entry and reporting templates

  • Historic data context

  • Logging and reproducibility

  • Integration of various data sources (upload from SAP and non-SAP systems)

  • Regulatory changes delivered as regular product content updates

  • Traceability of manual modifications

  • Reconciliation of data

  • Easy end-user interaction

Norbert Nielsen

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