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SAP for Banking – Front Office

Increasing turnover and profitability using a service-oriented CRM-based multi-channel architecture

New market participants - a part of them foreign to the industry -, a more difficult and cost-intensive acquisition of customers as well as an indispensable customer retention confront banks with new challenges. Only those banks which manage to adapt standardized products to individual customer demands quickly and efficiently and, at the same time, fulfill the increasing regulatory requirements are able to position successfully in the market on a long-term basis.  

The obtained trust in the bank's performance and brandling are crucial for a sustainable business relationship and thus the economic success. At this point, an omni-channel architecture containing an integrated, personalized customer relationship management on based upon SAP CRM incl. SAP ICM is of utmost importance.  

Modernizing the multi-channel architecture of a bank in combination with redesigning the Sales and Service Layer by means of SAP technologies and products creates a platform which serves your customers consistently and individually. The interplay of different interactions via online/mobile banking, ATM, call center and client meetings and correspondence affects the customer's individual impression of the bank. The more smoothly and personalized it is, the higher the quota of concluded contracts become.

ConVista has a comprehensive expertise regarding implementing and extending an omni-channel architecture using SAP FS-BP, AO, FS-CRM, ICM, CRM, Analytics and additional SAP products as well as our own, proven solutions.

  • Expertise in implementing operational and analytical SAP FS-CRM at banks

  • Longstanding experience in implementing incentive and remuneration models by means of SAP FS-ICM

  • Flexible product development and bundling as well as cross-selling functionalities for banking products in the areas of account management, financing, investment and insurance

  • Central business partner management with a 360-degree view on your customer

  • Complete integration of surrounding systems due to flexible business processes and service-oriented architecture (SOA)

  • Scalable sales and service platform with call center and online/mobile banking integration for processing mass data (also for cross-country strategies)

  • Audit trail, journal, history and correspondence management for a clean and complete implementation of compliance and regulatory requirements

  • Uncomplicated M&A enhancement and integration of different business models

  • Cross-country and -currency, global SAP consulting and implementation expertise

  • Complete integration into the SAP business workflow

Martin Dietz

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