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A standard solution for mapping insurance-specific payment transactions

The SAP standard solution FS-CD focuses on mapping every insurance-specific payment transaction. Due to its functional coverage and provision of standardized interfaces, more and more insurers have decided to use FS-CD for their collections and disbursements. Many companies have to face questions such as ‘Is FS-CD the right choice for me? How can I integrate FS-CD optimally into my existing architecture and organization? Am I on the right track with my current implementation? At which point can I optimize my productive FS-CD solution? How can I implement regulatory requirements in a target-driven manner?’

Based upon over 80 successful FS-CD projects since 1999, ConVista has developed the ConVista Payments Model (CPM) which guarantees a process-optimized and efficient implementation close to the standard. This best-practice approach is flexible and can be integrated into common project procedure models, e.g. the ConVista Implementation Model. From evaluating the use of FS-CD by your company, to implementation, enhancements and optimization and maintenance, ConVista uses the CPM to great effect. Our consultants are masters of FS-CD processes, as well as the related disciplines, which make the implementation of FS-CD successful, e.g. the integration into heterogeneous system landscapes. Due to a constant exchange with other market participants, we are also familiar with new topics such as Code of Conduct and alternative payment procedures.

  • Evaluation of using FS-CD for your company

  • Efficient implementation of FS-CD by means of the ConVista Payments Model

  • Extension and optimization of FS-CD, also in consideration of regulatory requirements such as SEPA and Code of Conduct

  • Integration of FS-CD (architecture and organization)

  • Use of accelerators: ConVista Payments Model and the ConVista products Smart Gate, Smart View, Collection Connector and TestSuite