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A solution for mapping payment transactions for all industries

The SAP standard solution FI-CA focuses on mapping payment transactions for all industries. On account of its functional coverage and standardized interfaces, an increasing number of companies from different industries have decided to use FI-CA for their payment processing. Decision-makers have to face questions such as ‘Is FI-CA the right choice for us? How can we integrate FI-CA optimally into our existing architecture and organizational structure? Are we on the right track with our current implementation? At which point can we optimize our productive FI-CA solution? How can we implement regulatory requirements in a target-driven manner?’

Based on over 80 successful payment transaction projects since 1999, ConVista has developed the ConVista Payments Model (CPM), which guarantees a process-optimized and efficient implementation, which is kept close to the SAP standard. This best-practice approach is flexible and can be integrated into the common project methodologies e.g. the ConVista Implementation Model. From evaluating the use of FI-CA for your company, to its’ implementation, enhancement, optimization and maintenance, ConVista makes extensive use of the CPM. Our consultants are masters in payment processes, as well as the related disciplines needed to undertake a successful implementation of FI-CA. As we are constantly exchanging know-how and experience with market participants, we are also familiar with emerging trends and new payment technologies.

  • Evaluation of FI-CA fit to your company
  • Efficient implementation of FI-CA based on the ConVista Payments Model
  • Enhancement and optimization of FI-CA, in line with regulatory requirements such as SEPA
  • Integration of FI-CA (architecture and organization)
  • Use of accelerators: ConVista Payments Model and the ConVista products Smart Gate, Smart View, Collection Connector and TestSuite