the road to the digital world of tomorrow: A strategy is only as good as its implementation

A good business strategy creates clarity and transparency for IT requirements. On the other hand, an IT strategy located at the interface between technology and business becomes an enabler of business processes. Today, both sides must be considered together with the organization and corporate culture before implementation can begin. This requires a partner with experience, the right skills and an understanding of business, IT and people. A partner like Convista, whose hands-on mentality enables it to smoothly implement strategies as well as the latest business and IT architecture and the supporting processes.

In this way, we create the foundation for your company’s speed of change and flexibility: we attach major importance to the highly efficient preparation and implementation of our projects. This applies in particular to classic cost driver topics in large transformation projects such as the conversion of application landscapes or restructuring measures, which we manage holistically from conceptualization to final implementation.

Range of services

Our offer for your transformation project

In our strategy consulting and implementation, we take into account the most important elements that lead to a renewal of the system landscape and thus also to the digital alignment of our customers’ business processes.

This includes the following steps and areas in particular:

Transformation consulting

In today’s world, a stable basis is the foundation for complex transformation projects. We create clarity for your initial situation at an early stage and combine strategy, technologies, processes, culture and organization with the help of our transformation framework.

Test Management & Software Tests

Test management and execution is a cost driver in digitization projects of all kinds. With our test management, we define, coordinate, organise and monitor the entire test process in its individual phases. In this way, we ensure smooth operation after the rollout and efficient use of resources – so that your project is a success.

Process Mining

Optimizations of business processes are particularly effective when they are analysed continuously and promptly. The ultimate goal of Process Mining is continuous process optimization through complete transparency.

Replacing Legacy Systems

With modern IT systems you create more flexibility and reduce operating costs. We develop your modernisation strategy and support you in replacing your old system.

Requirements Engineering

Whether it is an application developed in-house, the selection of standard software or the introduction of new business processes – the involvement of all stakeholders and clearly formulated requirements form the basis for sustainable project success.

Operational Excellence

Realizing efficient processes and cost reductions is the primary goal of all companies. The establishment of process management brings continuous optimization into daily business and your successes become visible and measurable.


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Our IT competence for your corporate strategy

We’re a consulting partner who is equally at home in both worlds: In the development of IT strategies as well as in the realisation and implementation of the solutions we propose.

Analysis and IT Strategy Development

Our IT strategies are tailor-made; we analyse our customers’ current IT architecture and relate it to their needs and key business processes and requirements. We continuously bring in innovative ideas and develop a common vision to lead your company into the future.

Hands-on Mentality for Smooth Implementation

With the hands-on mentality of our teams, we are not only strong conceptually and on paper, we also implement our strategies together with our customers on time and on budget.

Digital Transformation through State-of-the-art Technologies

With well-known innovation drivers such as cloud computing, big data and data analytics, but also state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence or IoT, we support our customers in consistently using the enormous opportunities of digitization.


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