our passion for numbers and data: Analytics, big data and AI across all industries

At Convista, we offer our customers proven expertise in consulting in the fields of analytics, big data and artificial intelligence. We support them across all industries in turning the information available in their companies into a valuable asset. No matter if it is information on which management decisions are based or if it is used to develop new business models and to drive the change process of their company towards a data-driven enterprise.

RANGE OF SERVICES: Data analytics consulting with Convista

Corporate Planning BI & Analytics

With our smart toolbox of BI consulting and SAP solutions, we support your company both in company-wide planning and in the functional areas and sub-plans.

Using data as a basis for decision making

Make operational and strategic decisions based on information gained from the combination of data stored in your company and external market data.

Gain valuable insights into future developments

Use our analytics expertise to gain insights into past, current and future developments. Identify the best possible recommendations for action based on data.

Increase the resilience of your business model

Develop and strengthen your business along the opportunities offered by technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, including the integration of automated Machine Learning.

Contact: Get advice from our experts

Take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities offered by the targeted use of data and take the decisive step: talk to us. With our expertise in the areas of analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, we will accompany you with commitment and reliability.

Your contact for Data Analytics, Big Data & AI

Alexander Ritter

Our DNA: What you can rely on

In-depth expertise

We combine many years of industry expertise, proven process understanding and technological know-how and always keep people in mind in all our projects!

Working at eye level

Our special way of working together produces excellent results. We only feel success when you are successful because of us.

Solution-oriented approach

With our experience, we implement projects pragmatically and solution-oriented to shape the future together with you.

Forward-looking action

Through our commitment to quality, we create sustainable solutions from which you will benefit in the long term.

Your benefitS: Data as a driver of corporate development and competitiveness

It was quite a while ago when the comparison “data is the new oil” could be interpreted as a kind of wake-up call and expression of a new relationship to data. In the past decade, the tools and methods used to extract valuable information and thus new assets from companies’ raw data have undergone dynamic development. Thus, the thesis has gained significant weight in its fundamental importance.

With our analytics consulting across all maturity levels and the integration of Artificial Intelligence, we support our clients on an equal footing to effectively leverage their raw data and guide decision-making in operational and strategic issues.

Our experts in the areas of data warehousing, reporting, analytics, planning, data science, Big Data, AI and machine learning contribute with their customer-oriented consulting at eye-level, they help to ensure that the active use of data becomes

  • the basis for new business models and processes,
  • the source of a data-based, digital change of individual areas,
  • the driver of a data-driven company,
  • and the foundation of a cross-company digital transformation.

All of this is independent of the industry, for medium-sized and large companies alike.

Data Analytics – Big Data – Künstliche Intelligenz: Beratung
Data Analytics – Big Data – Künstliche Intelligenz: Beratung

Analytics consulting with big data and AI support

Our analytics consulting spans all maturity levels. Only by covering the entire spectrum and embracing the journey can we offer our customers the added value they rightly expect from us.

This means: With the help of our methodical approaches and tools, we work with our clients to analyze the what and why of past events in order to identify viable courses of action for the future. These point the way to adjusting your current corporate strategy and successfully optimizing existing business processes.

We are supported by our expertise in Data Science and Big Data, with which even large and unstructured data sets can be successfully ‘tamed’ to make them accessible for use by your employees. In this way, we support you in recognizing patterns or anomalies in data and discovering new or previously unknown correlations and interdependencies in the data. These are often the decisive “aha” moments for our customers – on the basis of which new and innovative products and business models can be created.


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