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Transformation in industry: The present is digital but the future will be even more digital

Manufacturing companies are facing major challenges because digital business models and digital work are more important than ever for a sustainable company orientation. Digitalization and globalization are creating a lot of pressure in industrial production – especially due to the constantly growing competition. The pressure to achieve more agility, efficiency and flexibility in the global market is increasing.

However, the classic obstacles of companies which grew in the past often stand in the way of digitization. Outdated and complex IT landscapes as well as a lack of implementation skills and a lack of digital skills make it difficult for our customers to implement their visions for the future. We offer you a comprehensive consulting and service portfolio for digitization. Our experts recognize your industry-specific optimization potential and support you on the way to the digital transformation of your company.

Our expertise: Industry expertise in various sub-sectors

More agility, efficiency and flexibility are required on the global market. The environment of the manufacturing industry is changing rapidly. Demands for ecology and sustainability, shortened innovation cycles, etc. determine the market and force the industry to serve these trends to its customers. In the context of digitalization, the digital supply chain must be set up accordingly. New markets and business models are emerging – a great opportunity for your company!

Process Industry

In order to turn the challenges facing the chemical industry into opportunities, the possibilities of digitalisation and the enormous potential of the data generated must be fully exploited! Our customers from the chemical industry benefit from our extensive knowledge and decades of experience in the industry. With regard to digital transformation in your business area, we support your company in the design, expansion and implementation of new business processes and models and develop innovative IT landscapes together with you.


Discrete Manufacturing

The international market within discrete manufacturing is highly competitive: Price pressure, global supply chains, growing customer requirements are just some of the challenges companies in the industry are facing. In order to survive in this competitive situation, companies must have excellent digital processes. Specifically, this means: Flexible ERP and CRM systems, a fully digitized supply chain and the networking of all data in order to be able to react quickly to changing circumstances and individual customer requests, even during production.


Industry expertise: Special process consulting in the industry sector

Enterprise Asset Management EAM Definition
Enterprise Asset Management EAM Definition

Contact: Get advice from our experts

We are the right partner when it comes to keeping your company competitive in the globally competitive market in the future.

Your Expert for the industry sector

Dr. Thomas Schönemeier

Industry Sector expertise: We are the right partner for your IT project

IT and SAP services from A-Z

We accompany your projects from the very beginning! From business process management to experience management, system implementation, hosting, support, customer service management to training and change management – with our service package and our Convista experts, your project will be a resounding success!

Your partner for the S/4HANA transformation

The switch to SAP S/4HANA is one of the most important innovations for many companies. However, the introduction of a new ERP solution not only requires organizational and technological preparations, but also offers the opportunity to rethink and redesign existing processes. With our Conversion Factory approach, we analyze your business processes, determine the right path (greenfield, brownfield) and create a project plan for your successful transformation to S/4HANA.

Innovative use of technology for successful implementation

Our team knows the innovative technologies of tomorrow – and the challenges of today. That’s why we founded our Digital Innovation Lab, in which our technology experts develop specific solutions that build on trend technologies such as IoT, ML or RPA.

Our service portfolio: We make your company fit for the future

Custom Analytical Queries
Custom Analytical Queries
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Our DNA: What you can rely on

In-depth expertise

We combine many years of industry expertise, proven process understanding and technological know-how and always keep people in mind in all our projects!

Working at eye level

Our special way of working together produces excellent results. We only feel success when you are successful because of us.

Solution-oriented approach

With our experience, we implement projects pragmatically and solution-oriented to shape the future together with you.

Forward-looking action

Through our commitment to quality, we create sustainable solutions from which you will benefit in the long term.

Technology Partners

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU: Our team for the industry

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Managing Partner

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Managing Partner


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