Convista 25 Jahre Jubiläum

25 years of Convista

We celebrate a quarter of a century company history

Our anniversary year


A Journey of transformation and success:Welcome to Convista’s 25th Anniversary!

For a quarter of a century, we have been shaping the transformation and IT consulting industry. Through innovation, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence, we have reached an impressive milestone and now celebrate our success story.

Founded from the vision of two entrepreneurs in 1999, Convista has grown into a leading company known for its innovation and quality. Convista’s history is marked by continuous growth and constant development. Explore our timeline to learn more about our milestones and achievements over the past 25 years!

25 years people and progress:

Since 1999, we have been working daily on the development of companies. One of them is Convista.

For a quarter of a century, we have been reliably and successfully mastering complex challenges—with a passion for the highest consulting quality.

Over the years, Convista has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible. From implementing groundbreaking technologies to developing customized solutions, the company has continuously driven innovation, always focusing on the needs of our clients and optimizing their business processes.

The foundation of Convista’s success is a team of outstanding professionals distinguished by their expertise, passion, and dedication. Through continuous development and training, they stay at the forefront of technology, ready to support clients in overcoming their challenges.

While Convista proudly reflects on its 25-year history, the company is also committed to remaining at the industry’s forefront. By investing in research and development, expanding global partnerships, and continuously adapting to changing market demands, Convista will continue to provide pioneering solutions for its clients and pave the way for an even more successful future.

25 years people and progress:

Many are eagerly awaiting the development of tomorrow. We shape it.

I am proud to have accompanied the development of Convista. From humble beginnings as a small team of eight to becoming an industry-leading company with extensive expertise under a successful brand.

Martin Hinz CEO Convista

At Convista, our focus is on developing solutions that ensure sustainable success. Our trusted collaboration is characterized by a deep understanding of specific industry requirements, years of experience, and high-quality standards. We act as partners with shared goals: creating tailored strategies, optimizing our clients’ business processes, and maximizing their potential.

Martin Hinz CEO Convista

We continue to learn every day, improving and evolving, and we look forward to change.

Martin Hinz CEO Convista

We are confident that Convista will continue to be successful in the years to come. With a strong foundation of experience and expertise, we remain agile and adaptable to provide our clients with the best possible solutions in an ever-changing world.

Martin Hinz CEO Convista

Our History

2024: Convista Celebrates a Quarter-Century of Corporate History

On July 7, 2024, Convista, now one of the leading transformation consultancies, will mark its’ 25th anniversary, reflecting on a quarter-century filled with milestones and shared successes.

2023: The new Convista – a strong brand

The new Convista – consisting of ConVista, Axxiome Health and enowa – bundles its competences under a common and new strong brand.

2022: SAP Partner of the Year Award again and over 1,000 employees

As part of the Diamond Initiative, ConVista Consulting AG was once again named “Partner of the Year” by SAP.

For the first time, the ConVista Group employs more than 1,000 people

2021: enowa and Active Business Consult Germany become part of the Convista Group

The management team changes: Jörg Renger joins Faktor Zehn as managing director and member of the board of ConVista Consulting AG. At the same time, Pawel Midon, former board member of Axxiome AG, becomes a new board member of Convista. Oliver Kewes, long-time spokesman of the board and Co-CEO, steps down from the board and resigns from his duties as Co-CEO. His tasks will be taken over by Martin Hinz as future CEO and Spokesman of the Board and Dr. Klaus Heimes as Business Unit Manager and responsible for Finance & Analytics.

Enowa AG becomes part of the Convista Group and substantially complements the two core sectors of industry and insurance. Active Business Consult Germany has also joined ConVista Consulting AG, complementing the company’s offering for the industry sector.

With the “Partner of the Year” award, SAP recognizes the expertise and innovations of ConVista Consulting AG.

2020: Convista awarded as SAP focus partner

This year, Convista was again selected as a focus partner in three areas as part of the SAP Diamond Initiative. We were particularly convincing in the focus areas FSI (Financial Services Industries), P&T (Platform & Technologies) and Energy (Utilities).

2019: Double anniversary and Axxiome Health becomes part of the Convista Group

Convista celebrates its 20th anniversary, Faktor Zehn its 15th anniversary.

Axxiome Health becomes part of the Convista Group. As one of the leading IT service providers in the SHI market, they expand Convista’s expertise in the health insurance sector.

2017: Dual leadership and changes in the shareholder structure

Convista will be led by a dual leadership from 2017: Martin Hinz and Oliver Kewes, both of whom have been on the Executive Board for years, will start as co-CEOs.

Founders and existing shareholders of ConVista Consulting AG decide to sell significant parts of their shares to private investors. This secures the company’s financing in the long term and permanently resolves the transition from the founders. The company thus remains independent and privately owned.

2016: New office in India

Convista expands its locations and opens a new office in Bangalore.

2015: Several awards, foundation of Convista daycare center in Cologne and opening of Berlin office

Convista is awarded as Great Place to Work® for the eighth time in a row. At the same time, Convista lands in first place among the ten best employers in NRW. In addition, the business magazine “brand eins” lists Convista for the second time as one of the 278 best consultancies in Germany.

In May, the in-house children’s group goes into operation at the Cologne office, so that new parents can find a quick way back to work.

The Berlin office also opens its doors at the end of the year. This means that Convista is now represented at five locations in Germany.

2014: New corporate structure and 15-year company anniversary

In October, Convista celebrates its 15th founding anniversary.

Around the same time, the consulting firm decides to establish a subsidiary in Singapore as a result of a strong partnership with SAP Asia.

In the course of the growing internationalization of the group as well as the diversification of its customer base and service portfolio, the Convista Group adapts its organizational structure. This includes, among other things, the introduction of service lines whose structure is based on the consulting focus. The management of the Convista Group, which up to now has been mainly carried out by the parent company, is transferred to the internationally composed Global Board.

2013: Convista becomes SAP Gold Partner

Due to the abundance of successfully completed projects, Convista achieves SAP Gold Partner status within Value Added Reseller (VAR).

Due to enormous market potential, Convista opens an office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The number of employees grows to 570 worldwide.

2012: Strengthening in the Java and non-SAP area and company foundation in Brazil

With Faktor Zehn as an expert for Java-based and non-SAP software, Convista strengthens its service offering in the insurance industry in the areas of product and inventory management, mobility and sales and service systems.

Towards the end of the year, Convista opens a new office in São Paulo, Brazil.

Thanks to the merger and further personnel recruiting, Convista now has 526 employees.

2011: Merger plans with cooperation partner Faktor Zehn

In 2011, Convista and the IT services company Faktor Zehn AG from Munich begin planning to merge under the umbrella of ConVista Consulting AG.

A total of just under 400 employees work for Convista.

2009: Convista in Spain and Austria

Convista succeeds in combining business with Fact S.L. Spain. The consulting firm is the market leader for SAP solutions TRM and FAM on the Iberian peninsula. The companies thus effectively combine their SAP expertise.

In the same year, an Austrian subsidiary is founded with the aim of establishing a local presence and supporting Eastern European business development.

In total, more than 230 people now work for Convista.

2008: Expansion of the range of services and an international trainee program

Utilities will be another focus area for Convista, whose clients include E.on.

The first international trainee program starts in January. Eight young people from different nations are trained for six months in several SAP modules at Convista’s worldwide locations.

The workforce grows to 167 employees.

2007: Germany's best workplace, certifications and move to larger office space

For the first time, Convista participates in the nationwide “Great Place to Work” competition and immediately lands in the top 10 in the category of companies with 50 to 500 employees.In the same year, CC ConsPrep becomes the first Convista software product to be certified by SAP.

Due to continuous growth and the resulting increase in the number of employees, the Cologne office moves to the Rheinauhafen. Convista now employs 117 people worldwide.

2006: Faktor Zehn as a cooperation partner

Convista and Faktor Zehn sign a cooperation agreement for the area of Product Lifecycle Management. The combination of technical expertise and technology knowledge in the SAP environment is the right answer to the constantly growing demand in the area of inventory systems.

The growth course continues, the number of employees exceeds 80.

2004: 10 million euro turnover reached

After an economically weak year for the markets, demand for consulting services in the SAP environment is picking up significantly. The more mature product range in the SAP for Insurance area supports this trend.

Sales break through the ten million euro mark.

50 employees work for Convista in Germany and abroad.

2002: Transformation from GmbH to AG

Strong growth and the battle for the best employees are some of the reasons for converting the German parent company into an AG in 2002. This decision now enables a large number of employees to acquire shares in Convista.

The company has 38 employees.

2000: Company formation in Zurich

Convista expands as early as 2000. A stock corporation is founded in Switzerland to meet the growing demand for expertise there. The company concept is based on that of Germany. Here, too, the company is organized and managed as a partnership.

1999: Foundation of Convista

At its core is the idea of combining technical consulting with professional understanding to achieve the best possible benefit for the customer. With SAP as the technology basis, the consulting focus was placed on the processes of the insurance industry. At this point, eight employees work for Convista in the newly opened Cologne office.

25 Jahre people and progress:

What’s better than already having a solution for everything? To develop it. Together.

The history of Convista and its clients is marked by continuous growth and constant development.

Many of our first clients still rely on our expertise, quality, and reliability even after a quarter of a century. This close connection and loyalty are a testament to the excellent work and dedication of our employees over the years. Since our founding in 1999, we have successfully completed thousands of customer projects, always maintaining a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Our close collaboration with companies from various industries has enabled us to successfully tackle complex challenges in the areas of transformation, digitalization, and IT.

These companies rely on our competencies


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