Organizational Development : People are the key factor of any strategic transformation

In the context of organizational development, we support our clients in preparing, accompanying and developing the people in the company for the upcoming changes. Comprehensive change management and training consulting is an important component of our project work. Through our innovative and proven transformation concepts, our customers achieve a high level of employee acceptance for the change and gain the necessary knowledge to work safely in the new IT environment.

We support you in understanding and accepting transformation projects and empowering employees for their work of tomorrow.

Our services: People Enablement

We offer custom-fit on-site and virtual solutions to accompany the changes, tailored to your specific needs and business objectives.

Change Management

We support your employees in your change project through tailor-made change management and communication activities.

Communication Design

We support you in designing your learning content in your own corporate design. Furthermore, we develop supporting design concepts to make change a positive experience.


Step by step, we develop a customized training strategy with individual learning formats and content for your transformation project.

SAP Enable Now

We support you in the implementation and use of SAP Enable Now so that you can provide your employees with high-quality e-learnings, system simulations and documentation.

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Your contact person for organizational development

Patricia Pela

Change means responsibility: Accompanying the human side of change

Why are we changing as a company?

Transformation projects happen for a reason. Together with you, we work out the reasons behind the change and how these can be communicated to the employees.

Who needs to do their work differently in the future?

The introduction of a new IT system is always associated with changes to familiar ways of working and processes. We work with you to find out who is affected by the changes and what will change for each individual employee in the future.

What supports the adoption and use of the IT solution?

Change management and training are the framework for managing the human level of change. To this end, we work with you to create a comprehensive strategy that enables employees to adopt the new behaviors in the new IT system and actively use them in their day-to-day work.

What promotes the adoption and use of the IT solution?

The critical elements in change management and training are training, communication, sponsorship, resistance management and coaching. With these activities, we support employees in understanding and accepting the changes and in maintaining the motivation to acquire new knowledge and behaviors.


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