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Digitisation is playing an increasingly important role in the health sector and especially in statutory health insurance companies. Big Data and analytics, cloud technologies, Artificial Intelligence and comprehensive networking have long since found their way into this important industry. We at Convista know what we are talking about.

When the AOK health insurance company recognized the signs of the times more than 20 years ago and began to develop the IT platform oscare® as a new health insurance software together with SAP, we at Convista Health were involved in different roles from the very beginning. Over time, almost 100 oscare® and statutory health insurance experts were involved in the development and implementation of oscare® at AOK Systems. In addition, we also supported the introduction of this innovative and groundbreaking solution at various health insurance companies by AOK Systems. This and our further commitment to oscare® AOK makes us the leading experts of this technologically exemplary solution for many statutory health insurance companies with a total of around 37 million statutory insured persons who are looked after by oscare®.

Services provided by Convista Health in the area of oscare® Services:


We support our customer AOK Systems and the statutory health insurance companies in implementing oscare® SAP in such a way that the processes can be automated as soon as possible and comprehensively.

Further development

In order to achieve the goal of comprehensive automation of all processes, we contribute our expertise to the development of add-ons that contribute to the evolution of oscare®.

Connection of third-party systems

A particular emphasis is placed on our expertise in the technical integration of special topics such as the connection of third-party systems such as ePA, eGK (Kams & VSDD), oscare® connect or the electronic vaccination card.

Oscare Services für das Gesundheitswesen
Oscare Services für das Gesundheitswesen

From an internal solution to the statutory health insurance industry standard

Originally developed as a purely internal, closed system for the clerks at the AOK, oscare® can now be described as the industry standard for statutory health insurance companies. Convista Health was also on board when it came to implementing complex technical and digital solutions in the second development phase. One of the goals was to achieve a significant simplification and acceleration of processes through automation and self-service functions for policyholders. Since big data management also played a major role here, we were able to contribute our expertise in data analytics, big data and AI to the further development of oscare® SAP.

More about Data Analytics, Big Data and AI

What makes oscare® so special?

An IT platform for a fit and agile statutory health insurance

With oscare® SAP and oscare® AOK, all important business and industry-specific processes of statutory health insurance are supported on a common IT platform.

SAP basis for standardized company-wide processes

The oscare® solution and its add-ons or third-party systems are based on SAP S/4HANA, which statutory health insurance companies can use to adapt quickly and easily to the constantly changing requirements of the future.

Standard solution and customized solution in one system

Due to our constant expansion and adaptation of oscare®, our customers benefit from the security of a mature standard solution without having to forego the advantages of a customized solution.

oscare® services for a flexible and adaptable statutory health insurance

The IT platform oscare® mainly addresses the fact that statutory health insurance companies are under enormous pressure to be efficient and adapt. Regardless of whether it is progress in the medical sector, new medicines or cures, technical innovations or the constant new requirements on the part of the legislator – all of this creates a dynamic environment and a complexity that can only benefit from a networked solution such as oscare® that encompasses all business management parameters.

In order for this to happen, however, the health insurance companies need external partners such as Convista. With our statutory health insurance expertise right from the start, we are familiar with all facets of this IT platform, starting with the implementation, further development through the tailor-made add-ons and the connection of third-party systems, with which the advantages of this solution come into their own.

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