Test management – Putting a software to the acid test

Does the software meet the requirements? And in the right quality? Systematic testing is the decisive measure when it comes to ensuring the quality and performance of your software. If the software does not meet the expectations of the target group, their willingness to use it decreases. In the worst case, this can cause damage to your image, property or even people. In addition, correcting errors during operation costs far more time and resources than correcting them early on in the development process.

And yet software tests often fall by the wayside – due to time or cost pressures. Or because the complexity increases and there is a lack of a systematic procedure catalog.

you benefits: Test management with method – your competitive advantage

Our specialists for software testing, test management and coordination bring many years of experience in different project scenarios and development environments in the insurance industry.

Neutral testing

As we all know, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Benefit from our clear, neutral view from the outside.

High quality of the tests

So that in the end you have a fully functional software that meets all the requirements originally set.

Acceptance criteria

We provide assistance in defining testable acceptance criteria.

Stay flexible

If you wish, we can take over all tasks from conception to acceptance from a single source, or you can explicitly select areas (e.g. specialist, technical or organizational support).

Save costs

We test the usability of the IT system and specifically take into account the user habits of your target group, so that in the end the willingness to use is high and the system is of high quality – so you save further (development) costs.

Keep the overview

We document the tests in a standardized and audit-proof manner.

our services: The entire test spectrum from a single source

Test management is not just about organizing testing. The spectrum in the area of testing is diverse, but is also based on the corresponding “preliminary work” in the upstream or directly dependent areas, such as requirements, defect and test data management.

We know the interrelationships and support you in these as well as at the interfaces to these areas.


Übersicht der Aufgaben im Testmanagement

Test specification and test planning

At first glance, testing may seem to be one of the last instances before going into production, but it starts even before development, with checking the requirements specifications for testability.

Test execution, logging and defect management

In most cases, test execution begins in parallel with development. This phase can support the developers by executing different types of tests (such as reviews). Our test managers take over all stages from component testing to system integration testing and acceptance testing (User Acceptance Test, UAT) – from an organizational as well as from a functional or technical point of view. One of the most important points in the test area is the regression test (repetition of tests) to ensure the consistent quality and continued operability of the previous software status.

Test automation

Ideally, the preparation of test automation is started early in the project. Regression tests can be very extensive and time-consuming – but they can also be highly beneficial and relieve employees of repetitive, manual tests. Here, our test managers can not only use their experience to determine the necessary scope of testing, but also support or take over the automation of the test processes.


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