An integrated process from the recording of the accounting material in the individual financial statements to the consolidated report

SAP S/4HANA for Group Reporting is currently on everyone’s lips … for good reason. Because SAP’s new Group Accounting solution shows that modern and efficient group reporting is more than “just” consolidation. We have been pursuing this approach – in conjunction with the various consolidation solutions – for well over ten years with our SAP add-on Convista ConsPrep.

In this way, we address the critical activities along the record-to-report process in order to make the data flow barrier-free and without manual intervention. Our approach – an integrated process from the recording of the accounting material in the individual financial statements to the consolidated report.


ConVista ConsPrep supports you with three modules

ConsPrep can be used in an ERP system landscape based on SAP S/4HANA as well as in a classic SAP R/3 environment.


Mastering the challenges of preparing consolidated financial statements


The solution for the complex tasks of tax accounting


Facing the requirements of country-by-country reporting calmly


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Efficiently orchestrate the closing process: ConsPrep.Core – consolidation preparation

ConsPrep.Core efficiently supports your closing process with its various applications. Quality and timeliness of data delivery to consolidation can be increased by using different components. Possible sources of error are avoided by the integrated processing and the elimination of media discontinuities. A common aspect of the various solutions is, in particular, the support of consolidation preparation activities at the process level of the individual financial statements.

Your benefit:

  • Shortening of process times by bringing forward activities of the consolidated financial statements to individual financial statements
  • Increase in data quality and transparency through integrated and consistent data processing from individual to consolidated financial statements
  • Flexible connection of heterogeneous system landscapes and adaptation to changing group structures

The various uses of ConsPrep.Core

Extract – transfer of individual financial statement data into consolidation using delta logic as well as the option to drill down to the original document; in addition, numerous options for mapping and enriching the data

ICR – intercompany reconciliation based on totals records and/or journal entries including matching of IC items as well as comment functions

Validation – validation of individual financial statement data already before data reporting to Consolidation based on validation rules already defined in Consolidation or to be defined individually

Entry of reported data/notes – form-based entry of data

  • of the units whose local accounting is not done in SAP-FI
  • which are not posted in the individual financial statements (notes, non-financials, qualitative disclosures, etc.)

Cash flow statement – Automated cash flow reporting using individual financial statement data and based on uniform Group definitions

Closing monitor – monitoring of closing activities



E-balance sheet: create and submit efficiently and user-friendly: ConsPrep.Tax – E-balance sheet preparation

For every accounting company, it is necessary to transmit the tax balance sheet electronically to the tax authorities, which can be very challenging; especially with regard to the capital account development to be transmitted as well as the special and supplementary balance sheets for partnerships. This is because these details contain sensitive information which is usually not held in the original accounting systems.

With ConsPrep.Tax you can determine and transmit your e-balance sheet to the tax authorities directly from SAP ERP in a user-friendly, structured manner and without media discontinuity. A web service connection of the ERiC client takes place in the background.

The e-balance sheet reporting is created flexibly based on the current taxonomy requirements and enables the intuitive entry of necessary information. The tax balance sheet data is read from the existing SAP accounting system. By means of a dynamic report, it is possible to record the capital account development.

Compared to other standard solutions, ConsPrep.Tax impresses with its clear closing cockpit and its flexible, user-friendly mapping dialog.

Your advantages with ConsPrep.Tax – e-balance sheet preparation

  • A solution fully integrated into SAP ERP for the user
  • Convenient possibility of mapping via drag & drop including a versioning and carry forward option as a basis for further processing in subsequent years
  • One-time maintenance of GCD master data
  • Automated transfer of taxonomy allocations from the balance sheet for the fixed asset movement schedule
  • Transparent transmission to and feedback from the tax authorities directly in SAP ERP with technical solution notes

In addition to the preparation and transmission of the e-balance sheet, ConsPrep.Tax offers numerous other applications related to tax reporting:

  • Calculation of deferred taxes
  • Current tax calculation
  • Tax reconciliation
  • Historization of tax balance sheet versions

Manage country-by-country reporting with minimal effort : ConsPrep.CbCR – Country-by-Country-Reporting

Since 2017, multinational corporations have had to report annually on a country-by-country basis in accordance with OECD requirements. Country-by-country reporting (CbCR) is primarily intended to put a stop to a controversial tax strategy: base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS).

This means that companies are faced with the demanding task of listing sales revenues, earnings, taxes and other key figures separately for each country. This data must therefore be made available on the one hand. Another requirement is to prepare the report in the specified data format (XML). In addition, new terms that do not correspond to the previously valid accounting standards must be interpreted.

 ConsPrep.CbCR – Country-by-Country-Reporting

ConsPrep.CbCR supports you in meeting these new requirements legally and efficiently. Make it easy for yourself – trust in our years of expertise in being able to map legal requirements time-efficiently through the use of user-friendly software solutions.

Thanks to the reporting possibilities of ConsPrep.CbCR, you can keep track of the CbCR, save yourself the manual entry of additional data and the error-prone handling of different data sources.


  • generates data quickly and in the required format; ensures its quality and thus accelerates your reporting
  • ensures a transparent and user-friendly reporting process
  • is adapted to changing requirements via a continuous release strategy

This saves you time and money, while at the same time ensuring that you can meet OECD requirements reliably and efficiently.

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