Training in your transformation project: Training as a success factor

Did you know that only one third of all IT projects* are completed successfully? One reason for this is the inadequate involvement and training of employees. When a new system is introduced, not only the user interface changes, but often also the processes and working methods of the employees. In order to prepare them for the new technology, they must be trained to use it.

We support you in this with our expertise: Our standardized procedure for developing and conducting IT training is based on the implementation phases of an IT project. We take care to adapt our approach to the customer and his project as well as to the needs of the users. We speak the language of both sides. We know what the requirements of the business are, we know our way around projects and within IT, and we have the didactic understanding of effective IT training.

(*Source: The Standish Group: Chaos Report)

your advantages: This is how we design a successful training strategy for you

Living Blended Learning

By mixing real and digital learning content, we combine the best of both worlds and compensate for the disadvantages of one learning method with another. This makes learning more flexible, more efficient and also more sustainable.

Increase awareness of learning

Employees are often unaware of the learning opportunities that are already available in the company. And so that your IT knowledge from the project does not run the risk of remaining unseen, project-accompanying communication management supports the marketing of the new learning offerings and thus helps to distribute the new knowledge to the employees.

Making learning attractive

One of the most important factors for sustainable learning is the attractive design of learning offers. An appealing design, a visual language that sets anchor points, and a good user experience support the learning process and motivate learners. Therefore, our motto is: the eye learns along with you.

Produce learning in a standardized way

When many people work together, a fixed and established production process facilitates the coordination of training creation. This way, each:r knows when what needs to be done, when active collaboration or approval is required. Therefore, we have developed a roadmap (procedure) that significantly facilitates and streamlines the process of training creation.

Learning from pull to push

Questions arise again and again in the use of systems. To get answers to questions, employees can use colleagues or the Internet in addition to an in-house learning portal. This can be a time-consuming process. We support employees via performance support tools and shorten the path from question to answer by pushing learning offers directly to the desktop/application.

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our procedure: We combine IT knowledge with didactic know-how

Through our knowledge management team of design, didactics and IT experts, we have an understanding of the technical language of the systems to be introduced by our customers on the one hand. On the other hand, we also speak the language of the learners and can make the new system easy for them to understand. Especially for IT training, we have designed a procedure along the introduction process of new software, which is closely linked to project management and change management.

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