For the 15th time in a row: ConVista is a Great Place to Work®.

Convista will continue to be one of the best employers in 2022 - this was the conclusion of the independent research and consulting institute Great Place to Work®.

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Convista gehört zu den besten Arbeitgebern

Once again this year, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a prize in the Great Place to Work® competition. We were recognized in two categories: “Best Employer ITK” and “Best Employer NRW and Münsterland”.

Our rankings in this year’s Great Place to Work® competition:

  • Best Employers ITK: 26th place in the size category 101-500 employees.
  • Best Employers NRW and Münsterland: 8th place in the size category 251-500 employees

How do the rankings come about?

The awards are presented each year by the Great Place to Work® research and consulting institute together with other industry associations. The basis for the evaluation is, on the one hand, a culture audit in which the personnel work is examined and one third of which is included in the overall evaluation. The audit covers the topics of core qualities, maximum potential development, values, strategic leadership and the existence of a culture of innovation. Secondly, there is a detailed survey of employees, two-thirds of which is included in the assessment.

The nationwide “Great Place to Work®” competition has been in existence since 2002 and aims to identify the quality and attractiveness of companies as employers and recognize special achievements in this field.

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