Convista Wins the German Brand Award 2024 for Excellent Brand Management

Convista was honored at the German Brand Award 2024 in the "Corporate Services" category for its outstanding rebranding project "ONE.Brand." This prestigious award recognizes the excellent brand management and innovative design that Convista successfully implemented in collaboration with the agency “Die Neue Vernunft”.

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Convista Wins the German Brand Award 2024 for Excellent Brand Management
Anja Reinert and Michael Reinicke at the German Brand Awards ceremony in Berlin

Award for the Rebranding Project “ONE.Brand”: Project emphasizes people as the key to success in digitalization

Recognizing Excellence in Brand Management

Every year, the German Design Council honours companies, agencies, service providers, marketers, as well as non-commercial and government organizations from all industries for their excellence in brand management. The evaluation criteria of the independent, interdisciplinary jury include brand conciseness, differentiation from the competition, target group relevance, design quality, degree of innovation and future viability of the brand identity.

Convista: A Quarter of a Century of Innovation and Transformation

Since its founding 25 years ago, Convista has evolved into a cross-industry full-service provider. The company supports customers from the insurance, industrial, healthcare, and energy sectors in the conception and implementation of new business processes. With in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise, Convista offers end-to-end solutions for SAP and IT projects, mastering complex challenges together with its customers.

Convista Wins the German Brand Award 2024 for Excellent Brand Management
Anja Reinert and Michael Reinicke at the German Brand Awards ceremony in Berlin

Aim of the “ONE.Brand” Project: A common identity

The impetus for developing the new brand identity was the consolidation of the competencies of the three consulting companies Convista, Axxiome Health, and enowa under the new joint brand umbrella “Convista” on January 1, 2023. The aim of the “ONE.Brand” project was to develop and redesign the brand personality. This included the appearance, the brand attributes, the tone, and the messages so that all employees could identify with them. Additionally, the project sought to align the concrete brand personality, the central mission, and the deeply rooted values of Convista to make the ONE.Brand vision a reality.

Core of Success: A Committed Team

The Core of Convista’s success is a team of outstanding professionals. They are characterized by their expertise, passion and dedication. Through continuous development and training, they always stay on the cutting edge of technology and support customers in their transformation processes.

Relevance of the Convista Brand in the Digital Era: The Focus Remains on People

In a world of increasing digitization, rapid technological developments, and trends from artificial intelligence (AI) to technology stacks, it is crucial not to lose sight of the human factor. Based on many years of experience, Convista is convinced that people are the key to success and has clearly aligned its brand attributes accordingly.

“As one of the leading transformation consultancies, we see how essential and important people, their values, and relationship management are in transformation projects. Our rebranding project emphasizes our corporate culture as a reliable partner who, with passion and empathy, successfully supports our customers on an equal footing in their transformation initiatives,” emphazises Martin Hinz, CEO of Convista

The New Visual Identity: Positive-Connecting Transformation

In collaboration with the Düsseldorf agency Die Neue Vernunft, the company’s new visual identity was designed using a combination of warm petrol and orange tones. To express the human aspect, the design included a positive connecting element: a super sign consisting of a C and a colon, visualized as a smiley. Employees themselves were featured in the imagery to give authenticity to the brand and its attributes.

Michael Reinicke, Brand Consultant and formerly Executive Director Brand Consulting, Die Neue Vernunft, states: “The revitalization of the Convista brand was a great pleasure on both a human and professional level. Throughout the entire process, it was clear in all facets of the company which values are lived here.”

German Brand Award 2024 “Winner”: Statement of the Jury

The jury awarded Convista in the category Corporate Services and stated: “With “ONE.Brand”, Convista has created a brand association that not only presents a new identity following the merger of three companies, but also unites employees, customers and market perception under a single brand umbrella. The rebranding is characterised in particular by the seamless integration of the different corporate cultures and expertise that today distinguish Convista as a holistic transformation partner. The creation of a uniform brand that signals unity both internally and externally is a remarkable achievement in the Corporate Services category.”

“We are grateful for the success and the associated commitment and hard work of everyone involved in this project. This award confirms our team performance for outstanding brand management and continues to motivate us to pursue the implementation of our vision,” says Anja Reinert, co-project manager and senior marketing professional at Convista.


Anja Reinert is a Senior Marketing Professional at Convista and an experienced B2B marketing manager. She is distinguished by her in-depth brand and marketing know-how and pursues an analytical, empathetic, and visionary approach. Her main areas of focus include brand management and online marketing. With her strategic and operational expertise, she has made a name for herself in the successful marketing of complex products, as well as in the development and advancement of marketing strategies in medium-sized companies. After 2018, she is winning the prestigious German Brand Award in 2024 a second time for a brand project.

Anja Reinert

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