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Convista is an experienced partner for digital transformation: We support companies of all sizes in the efficient planning and implementation of digitalization and transformation projects in order to integrate modern IT systems and technologies and network global teams.

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Partner for digital transformation

Plan and implement digitalization and transformation projects efficiently

Digitalization has presented many companies with enormous challenges in recent years. While individual departments are called upon to become more efficient and to work together regionally and globally, many places often still use systems and infrastructure that are outdated. The pressure on companies to renew these is growing because otherwise they run the risk of no longer being able to act and compete in a few years. In addition, a new player comes into play, artificial intelligence, which drives the automation of processes.

A question that many companies are currently asking themselves is: How do we manage to adapt our IT systems to modern requirements? They need to introduce new technologies that analyze data, while inspiring global teams to digitize and automate so that collaboration with new processes works across departments. However, medium-sized companies generally only have small IT teams and are confronted with a significant shortage of skilled workers and limited budgets. With such great potential for optimization, experienced experts are needed to design these digital processes in order to help companies adapt to extensive technological, organizational, and cultural changes.

IT modernization offers competitiveness and a future

The digital transformation of IT and business processes has become a decisive future factor for companies. The implementation of change processes (change management) is becoming increasingly important to position yourself competitively in a constantly changing market. All areas of a company are exposed to this pressure, from purchasing to development and production to sales. Controlling in particular is facing a change, as it no longer only acts retrospectively, but should actively support management with forward-looking recommendations based on valid data.

Sustainability has also become a central issue in the transformation of companies. The question of which investments and business activities are ecologically sustainable is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, sustainability reports are receiving increasing attention from supervisory authorities and regulatory bodies, so that companies are faced with the task of drafting reports in a compliance-compliant, transparent, and meaningful manner.

Digitalization and automation connect all company processes, simplify processes, and make them more efficient. At the same time, the ever-growing amount of company data must be analyzed and categorized. With the help of artificial intelligence, companies can identify their valuable data in real time and determine which ones are particularly sensitive and therefore particularly worth protecting. In addition, it is important to use the collected data to better understand customer needs, optimize offers and develop new products.

A strong partner for digitalization and holistic transformation

Companies of all sizes face the challenge of navigating transformation projects. It is advisable to seek support from an experienced partner who has the necessary specialist knowledge and industry knowledge. It is crucial for the success of a transformation project to involve all affected departments and their employees right from the start, to inform them about planned change processes and to ensure coordinated communication.

To resolve modernization backlogs, external partners are required at eye level who offer sustainable solutions through comprehensive organizational and process consulting. This enables technology used in the company to be developed to its full potential. The human factor is always important in every transformation effort. Employees are the pillars who support the changes in the company and must be convinced of their advantages, so that transformation projects are fully successful.

Convista is one such digitalization partner and IT service provider that supports organizations in digital transformation and accompanies them in the development and implementation of new business processes and end-to-end IT solutions. Many years of experience and expertise in technology and various industries enable the consulting company to develop tailor-made solutions. Convista attaches great importance to supporting a company’s employees, preparing them for changes and enabling them to face future challenges.

Martin Hinz, CEO of Convista, emphasizes:

“At Convista we stand for a partnership-based collaboration with our customers, in which we not only implement technologies, but also empower the people in the company to actively shape changes and implement them successfully.”

For 25 years, Convista has been supporting companies from a wide range of sectors such as insurance, industry, healthcare and the energy sector with SAP and IT projects. Their holistic approach goes beyond technological questions and aims at a comprehensive redesign of the operational structure.

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