Helping together: Donations for Ukraine

The events in Ukraine have also touched us very much, which is why we have launched a fundraising campaign within the Convista Group.

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Thanks to the commitment of our colleagues, we were able to collect €25,838.77 in a very short time. This amount was subsequently doubled by Convista, so that we were able to reach a total donation of over € 50,000.

Our donations will go to the Wroclaw Hospital Szpital Specjalistyczny im. A.Falkiewicza, with which our Polish colleagues at axxiome Health are in contact, as well as the aid organization MIR and the large aid organization UNO Flüchtlingshilfe Deutschland.

In addition, colleagues from our sister company Axxiome Health in Poland are actively involved on the ground: some employees have recognized the difficult situation and the great need at the main train station there, where refugees from Ukraine regularly arrive. Money was also collected for this and doubled by the management, so that about 3000 PLN could be donated.

We are very proud of the willingness to help and thank everyone who supported this action!

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