Better People. Better Transformation. : Master software introduction

Markets and customer requirements in flux, cost pressure or urgently needed digitization – the IT landscape is increasingly assuming a strategic role. Most companies have long since recognized the necessary change in IT systems and process landscapes. The only problem is that software implementation is often a complex matter. Management, business unit and IT – the list of areas to be considered and coordinated is long and the expectations of the new system high.

advantages: Why the introduction of new software is worthwhile

With modernized IT, you make your company fit for the future:

Become more efficient and faster

A modern IT landscape enables you to increase the dark processing rate and thus have repetitive, monotonous tasks processed automatically. This saves you time and allows you to concentrate on your core tasks.

Reduce operating costs

Maintenance and operation of complex IT landscapes and legacy systems are associated with high costs.

Meeting customer expectations

IT systems and processes are crucial for a good customer experience. Customers from other walks of life are used to service-oriented processing, efficient administration and fast customer communication.

our services: Selection, implementation and customizing from a single source

We accompany your IT project from the first idea. From requirements management to the selection of the appropriate software, system implementation, hosting, support, customer service management, training and change management. As an experienced industry specialist, we know diverse standard software from various IT projects and support you in their integration and adaptation to your individual needs and processes.


The most frequently asked questions about the software introduction

Numerous stumbling blocks lurk on the path of a software implementation. For example:

  • Lack of user acceptance
  • Testing efforts are underestimated
  • Connection to the surrounding systems is tackled too late
  • Lack of change management in the company

There are two different approaches for introducing new software: an iterative approach or bigbang implementation. Which of the two implementation strategies is right for you should depend on the initial situation, the motivations and the desired improvements.

A large number of aspects need to be taken into account to ensure that software implementation is a success. Here are just two of them:

Data protection

Since the introduction of new software is usually accompanied by the transfer of personal data, compliance with the GDPR is required.

Works council

According to § 87 I No. 6 BetrVG, the works council has the right of co-determination when it comes to the introduction of software. Accordingly, the works council must approve new software.

Our DNA: What you can rely on

In-depth expertise

We combine many years of industry expertise, proven process understanding and technological know-how and always keep people in mind in all our projects!

Working at eye level

Our special way of working together produces excellent results. We only feel success when you are successful because of us.

Solution-oriented approach

With our experience, we implement projects pragmatically and solution-oriented to shape the future together with you.

Forward-looking action

Through our commitment to quality, we create sustainable solutions from which you will benefit in the long term.


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