Requirements Engineering

“Keep it specific and simple” – this principle is one of the major challenges in requirements engineering: clear, consistent and testable requirements must emerge from the needs and wishes of the stakeholders. This can be achieved with structured requirements management. This includes identifying, documenting, analyzing and managing clear framework conditions, functional as well as non-functional requirements.

your benefits: Good reasons for requirements engineering:

There are a number of reasons why requirements management makes sense for insurance companies:


Nur, wenn die wesentlichen Anforderungen an ein Projekt bekannt sind, können Pläne entworfen, Termine, Kosten abgeschätzt werden.

Ensure quality

Clearly formulated requirements form the basis for testing: Testable acceptance criteria can be derived.

Bringing business and IT closer together

Requirements management creates a common understanding and shared responsibility for IT and business.

Less friction losses

With an efficient requirements process, companies can clearly regulate decision-making authority, responsibilities and processes. This ensures clear structures.

questions: Typical questions in Requirements Engineering

Anyone who deals with the development of products or a software asks himself various questions:

  • How can these requirements be determined, analyzed, specified, documented and evaluated?
  • What adjustments can I make to shorten the time-to-market and increase customer centricity through the requirements process?
  • What does requirements management that complies with insurance regulatory requirements look like?
  • There are a variety of tools for requirements engineering – which ones make sense for me? How can I design the selection process?
  • Requirements engineering in agile projects – how does it work? How do I write user stories? And what becomes of the requirements and functional specifications?
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our services: Interface between IT and professionalism

You can make flexible use of our requirements management services.

Are you looking for support in requirements management?
We have been supporting our customers in the area of requirements analysis with technical and methodological expertise for over 20 years. We take on individual tasks, such as stakeholder management or requirements elicitation, right through to the entire requirements management process and act as the interface between the business and IT departments.

Is your process in need of improvement?
We evaluate your existing requirements process (role distribution, tools, workflows, …) and support you in defining and implementing a suitable process.



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