Convista and Faktor Zehn support sustainability

In 2023, Convista and Faktor Zehn have placed a stronger focus on the topic of sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important. As an expression of this commitment and as a thank you for the successful collaboration, they have therefore decided on a symbolic gesture - the donation of a virtual "Christmas tree". This represents the planting of 2,000 trees both in Germany and in the Global South in collaboration with the "GROW MY TREE" initiative.

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Setting a Sustainable Symbol with a Virtual Christmas Tree

In a clear commitment to sustainability, Convista has launched a special Christmas initiative this year. Instead of traditional Christmas gifts, the company has chosen to symbolically gift its customers a “Christmas tree.” This represents the planting of a total of 2,000 trees, both in Germany and in the global South. The initiative is part of a broader corporate strategy aimed at putting sustainability at the forefront and advising customers accordingly.

The initiative is being realised in collaboration with “GROW MY TREE”, a pioneering initiative by the Berlin-based company Impact Hero. The campaign aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has far-reaching effects. In addition to CO2 neutralisation, planting trees in the Global South creates jobs and secures local incomes. Convista and Faktor Zehn are thus not only setting an ecological, but also a social signal for a sustainable future.

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“As a partner of transformation, we see it as one of our tasks to focus on sustainability and not only advise our customers, but also take action ourselves.”
Martin Hinz, CEO Convista

Convista Business Area Lead Martin Dietz experiences the sustainable transformation through ‘GROW MY TREE’ and Forest Focus on site in Tanzania

Martin Dietz, Business Area Lead International Convista, travelled to Tanzania to personally experience the impact of the initiative. His travel report provides deep insights into the work of “GROW MY TREE” and its cooperation partner, the local organisation Forest Focus in Korogwe. Visits to the tree nursery in Korogwe and the Amina Naturel Reserve illustrate how sustainable projects involve local communities and promote environmental protection at the same time.

“We at Convista were the first to visit the facilities on site,” says Martin Dietz. “On site, we met with Omega Emmanuel Kaaya from GROW MY TREE and Khalifa Mganga from Forest Focus. Khalifa explained the origins and his vision of Forest Focus. He studied forestry at the University of Morogoro and founded Forest Focus three years ago. He is a great enthusiast and wants to protect the local forest, but also help the local people on a social level. By founding the initiative, he combines the two issues – environmental protection with supporting the local population by creating jobs and income. Together we visited the breeding station in Korogwe and later travelled to the Amina Naturel Reserve, which particularly impressed us. We travelled to a village in the mountain region whose inhabitants live mainly from agriculture and livestock farming. Over the years, space has been made here for agricultural use and tea plantations. The Khalifa team has already planted around 100,000 trees in this region and wants to continue reforesting. The local population is closely involved in the process of planting and subsequent maintenance. In this way, some of the local population can generate an income.”

His overall conclusion: “Overall, the organization leaves a solid impression. The representatives on-site are convinced of their mission, and reforestation appears to contribute both to environmental protection and the alleviation of poverty in the local population.”

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GROW MY TREE: Dijana Galijasevic in an interview about sustainability, sustainable commitment and corporate responsibility

In an exclusive interview, Dijana Galijasevic, founder of GROW MY TREE, provides insights into the origins of the initiative and its mission for a sustainable future. From its beginnings two years ago to its current collaboration with companies such as Convista, she provides insights into GROW MY TREE’s endeavours to inspire companies to make a positive contribution to the regeneration of our planet through simple, effective actions. The conversation explores the role of business in the sustainability movement and the challenges and opportunities of planting trees as part of a wider environmental approach.

Sustainability example - CEO Impact Hero
Sustainability example - CEO Impact Hero
Dijana, please tell us more about GROW MY TREE and your mission: How did you come up with the idea of Impact Hero and how did GROW MY TREE come about?

The idea for GROW MY TREE was born out of concern for the future and the desire to shape that future better. Together with my co-founder Nadja Wendenburg, we started two years ago. We first looked to see whether people were even interested in giving trees as gifts. And it turned out that they were interested.

How do you support companies in their commitment to the environment?

We want to provide simple solutions for companies to get involved in regenerating the world, for every type of stakeholder engagement they have. This means, for example, planting trees for every new employee, collecting a certain amount of plastic for an employee’s company anniversary, etc. and thereby creating greater social awareness of the importance of climate protection measures, climate change and biodiversity loss in general.

What role does planting trees play in the fight against climate change? Is there (justified) criticism of such measures?

Trees are essential for the climate, as they absorb CO2 and release oxygen, and for the environment in general, as forests ensure soil health and prevent erosion. But planting trees is no substitute for rethinking consumer behavior and avoiding CO2 emissions. It is only one contribution in the fight against climate change.

Which trees are selected here in Germany, but also in Tanzania, and how specifically do you ensure the growth of these trees?

The selection of tree species depends on the project objectives and the local conditions. Care is taken to ensure that the tree species can thrive in the long term and form a healthy ecosystem. Only native tree species are planted in healthy mixed forests. In Germany, we work with Planted.Green, who do a great job on the ground. They have their own forester on board, under whose guidance the Planted team plants the trees.

How do you see the role of companies in the sustainability movement?

Companies can be great multipliers for climate awareness. There are enough campaigns that can be combined with a good deed. Impact Hero and Convista are now working together on the transformation, which starts on a small scale. It is an example of how companies can integrate sustainability into their DNA and work together to have a positive impact on the environment and society through initiatives such as GROW MY TREE. We hope that this initiative will inspire other companies to take similar steps towards sustainability.

At the same time, it is super important that companies not only support external initiatives, but also set quantifiable targets internally and try to operate in a more resource-efficient and sustainable way. It takes internal transformation and at the same time creating awareness externally.

Thank you very much, Diljana! At Convista, we are delighted to contribute to this initiative and firmly believe that collective action makes a sustainable difference.
Abstraktes Symbol, das den ökologischen Aufruf zum Recycling inmitten eines schönen, unberührten Dschungels darstellt und Nachhaltigkeit sowie ESG-Reporting verbildlicht

Convista and Faktor Zehn have increasingly focussed on the topic of sustainability, which is becoming more and more important.

If you would like to find out more about our focus on “sustainability” and the corresponding advisory services, we have put together an overview for you.

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