New overall management of Convista by CEO Martin Hinz

Martin Hinz is the sole CEO of Convista. The Cologne-based consultancy specializing in IT and process consulting underwent a merger last year as part of a global rebranding initiative with Axxiome Health GmbH and enowa AG. Following the departure of Co-CEO Carsten Börner last August, the former Co-CEO Martin Hinz takes over the overall leadership of the company. His objective is to continue positioning Convista as a reliable partner for businesses undergoing digital transformations, driving growth, and establishing itself as a prominent brand in the German-speaking Europe region. Emphasizing quality and teamwork, Hinz is committed to achieving these goals.

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Martin Hinz über die
CEO der Convista Martin Hinz

Hands On & Feet on the Ground: The CEO of Convista is a hands-on leader.

Martin Hinz brings extensive experience in the consulting field within the IT industry. He served as Managing Director of Feilmeier und Junker GmbH, a consulting firm, and co-founded Faktor Zehn, a software company specializing in insurance systems. In 2012, Faktor Zehn merged with Convista, and since then, Martin Hinz has held various leadership roles within the group. As a board member, he ensures that Convista establishes itself as a strong brand for high-quality and seamless business transformations in German-speaking Europe, particularly in the areas of insurance, financial services, industry, healthcare, and energy.

Martin Hinz is known for his team-oriented management approach with a down-to-earth perspective. His hands-on mentality is evident from his early days, where he worked as a freelance IT and software developer during his studies and later founded companies like Faktor Zehn.

A strong and reliable partner at eye level

“For more than 20 years, Convista has been supporting its clients in transformation projects, particularly businesses in the upper middle market facing unique challenges due to digitization and skilled labor shortages, as well as international corporations,” says Martin Hinz, CEO of Convista. “It requires experience, IT expertise, and industry knowledge to implement solutions with the necessary expertise and provide comprehensive consulting. As a team, we learn every day, continually improving and embracing constant change. This is what sets us all apart under the Convista brand.”

Complex Solutions through Team Spirit and Expertise

Martin Hinz is confident that future challenges, both within the company and on the client side, can only be tackled collaboratively on an equal footing. “We live in a complex world, and it demands complex solutions,” Hinz continues. “This requires human creativity and a collaborative team mentality. As Convista, we aim to be an attractive employer for both young and experienced talents, maintaining a long-term team of experts who pass on to our clients the passion and motivation they experience every day.”

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