New partnership with IBS Schreiber

The SAP security expert IBS Schreiber from Hamburg is a new partner of ConVista. ConVista thus offers customers an extremely helpful additional benefit.

Achieve optimized risk management of SAP authorizations and meet all compliance requirements with check rules.

We are expanding our partnership with Xiting AG, a Swiss SAP solution provider for Compliant Identity & Role Management, which has been in place since 2016.  Its software solution XAMS offers a variety of tools to successfully implement SAP authorization projects. It is used to compare the "Actual Authorized" with the "Has Used" state.

Using the IBS Schreiber tools, we can now additionally check whether accesses are permitted. ConVista thus offers customers from the areas of Core Insurance, Core Utilities, Finance & Analytics, Financial Asset Management, Customer & Sales and Cross Services an extremely helpful additional benefit: We check the existing authorization concept and clean it up if necessary. And all this before the audit takes place!

Over the past few years, IBS Schreiber has developed a comprehensive set of rules covering more than 2,500 risks in a wide range of modules and industries. This knowledge has been bundled in the Easy Content Solution (ECS). This solution can be used to make the sets of rules available in any Governance, Risk & Compliance solution, in SAP GRC Access Control - for which we have certified consultants - as well as in XAMS.

The ECS rule sets are used in all XAMS modules and thus ensure that SAP authorizations are designed and maintained in a legally compliant and conflict-free manner. Rules can be created fully automatically based on the system configuration and integrated into XAMS. The result is an optimal platform for the risk management of SAP authorizations and compliance. Xiting and IBS have been working together since 2013 and have recently taken their cooperation to a new level with the addition of ECS rules to XAMS. Through the partnership with IBS, ConVista can now also comprehensively offer its (potential) customers the benefits of integrative interaction.

Björn Rolka, Associate Partner at ConVista: "The partnership with IBS Schreiber brings our clientele considerable benefits, which are of course difficult to measure. After all, people often only react when there is a violation of laws or guidelines, which is reflected in the authorizations. Through our offering, we can act deliberately to identify and address any vulnerabilities before an incident occurs that damages the business. Topped off with regular analysis, our customers can then face an audit with peace of mind."


About IBS Schreiber

IBS Schreiber GmbH is one of the leading specialists for SAP security and compliance. The company's business areas include innovative GRC software products, the auditing and consulting business, and the academy, which offers more than 60 seminars in the areas of internal auditing, data protection, and SAP security.




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